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  • Treating with Awareness of Relationships

    THE UNDERLYING PRINCIPLES TO MAKING YOUR TECHNIQUES EFFECTIVE – TREATING WITH AN AWARENESS OF RELATIONSHIPS Remember HEALTH means UNITY, ease, function and a harmonious relationship of all of the components of the whole with one another. Disease means DIS-EASE, DYS-FUNCTION, SEPARATION and an inharmonious relationship between components of the whole This means that it is …

  • Past Presentations

    In addition to his own workshops, Paul presented at the following locations over the past few years PRESENTATIONS/WORKSHOPS FOR AAMT (Australian Association Of Massage Therapists): CAIRNES: AAMT 2011 NATIONAL CONFERENCE 1/2 DAY: Wholistic Principles & Assessing with Awareness – Saturday 7th and Sun 8th May The Australian Association of Massage Therapists held their 2011 National …