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  • Treating with Awareness of Relationships

    THE UNDERLYING PRINCIPLES TO MAKING YOUR TECHNIQUES EFFECTIVE – TREATING WITH AN AWARENESS OF RELATIONSHIPS Remember HEALTH means UNITY, ease, function and a harmonious relationship of all of the components of the whole with one another. Disease means DIS-EASE, DYS-FUNCTION, SEPARATION and an inharmonious relationship between components of the whole This means that it is …

  • Feb 2011 004

    ASSESSMENT AIDS 1: General & Regional Assessment Essentials

    HANDOUT – General & Regional Assessment Essentials A. Click the above Handout link to see PDF Chart of Essential Assessment Items B. Diagrams below illustrate the overlap of Key findings from General and Regional Assessment for a Patient with Shin Splints Findings clearly indicate the importance of a wholistic assessment process in uncovering primary areas setting up …

  • Past Presentations

    In addition to his own workshops, Paul presented at the following locations over the past few years PRESENTATIONS/WORKSHOPS FOR AAMT (Australian Association Of Massage Therapists): CAIRNES: AAMT 2011 NATIONAL CONFERENCE 1/2 DAY: Wholistic Principles & Assessing with Awareness – Saturday 7th and Sun 8th May The Australian Association of Massage Therapists held their 2011 National …