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1. Osteopathy: what is Osteopathy

2. Osteopathy: Practice Details & Information

3. Paul Turner’s Approach Explained

4. What to expect in a Healing with Paul

5. Integrating Holistic Principles into Osteopathic Practice (NEW)

6. Headaches and Osteopathy: An Anatomical Viewpoint

7. Keeping your Kids Healthy & Happy with Osteopathy


A.  Surrender

B.  Centering Tips – Clearing the Mind

C.  Holism in Health Care – What Exactly Does it Mean?

D. Treating with Awareness of Relationships

E.  Issues with Pain and Range

F.  Chronic Pain – Why Focus on Pain? (It’s a Distraction)

G.  Assessment Aids 1: General & Regional Assessment Esentials

H.  Assessment Aids 2: Sample Holistic & Regional Assessment Plan – Shoulder Problem

I.  Assesment Aids 3: Help Tips for Recording Findings from Posture Assessment

J.  Resolving Chronic Health Issues; Secrets to Success (NEW)

  • An Introduction to Multidimensional Healing Workshop – 1 Day

    This workshop offers an introduction to those considering the full 6 day workshop as well as anyone who wants to learn about the different elements of self; to develop self-awareness and how to self-heal.  Suitable for practitioners and the general public. It covers the following; The holistic (multidimensional) Model – what this includes, how it …

  • Multidimensional Healing Workshop – 6 Days

    Full Course: (Using the mind & cranio-sacral therapy as diagnostic tools) Set Text: Bridging the Gap in Health Care 2 – Multidimensional Assessment This workshop takes traditional assessment and treatment to a much deeper level utilising the inherent self-healing potential and life energies within in order to help restore health and function to the whole person. …

  • Holistic Muscle Energy Technique Workshop – 2 Days

    This workshop can be made available for groups interested in enhancing their MET skills. Enhance your ability to allow the body to guide you as to a) the correct tissues and relationships to include when applying MET and b) the correct forces to use, the correct direction of resistance and duration of effort (time) to …

  • Holistic Articulatory Technique Workshop – 2 Days

    This workshop can be made available for groups interested in enhancing their Articulation skills. Learn how to make your ARTICULATION techniques more effective, eliminate guesswork and avoid errors and lack of understanding of what is really happening when applying Articulation Articulation is a low velocity/moderate to high amplitude technique often used to improve range of …

  • Resolving Chronic Health issues: Secrets to Success

    In order to resolve any health issue there are two relationships of importance to consider (1,2); The relationship between the tissues/anatomy/pathology causing symptoms and the symptoms themselves The relationship (issues) between everything else going on in a person’s life (I.e. ‘What else’ is going on behind the scenes) and the tissues/anatomy/pathology causing the symptoms. The …

  • Integrating Holistic Principles into Osteopathic Practice

    Note: This version is a longer more complete version of a recent article titled “holism in Osteopathic treatment” which appeared in “Osteo life; Osteopathy Australia Magazine;  winter edition 2017,  p28.”   I have included this version here because it offers some practical examples of implementing holistic principles in practice which i feel would be of benefit, …

  • Benefits of enrolling in Paul’s workshops

    Why Enrol in Pauls Workshops? Introduction: In Education there are two key elements required for integrated learning; 1) Learning the various categories of Knowledge (facts) 2) Learning how to integrate all the knowledge (facts) with each other; to make sence of it all in relation to what is actually happening within the whole person (Practically …

  • What to expect in a healing with Paul Turner

    The miracle of you You are a miracle. You are more than meets the eye. You are a multi-dimensional unlimited being. But you probably don’t feel like it, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, right? You are here because you have a hope that your pain, your problem, your suffering can be alleviated. You hope that …

  • Surrender

    By Christine Huggins (Healing with Feeling) © Surrender is not about giving in or giving up. It is that deep knowing within, that you know if you follow your instincts you will be lead to something far greater than where you are now. The problem is that nearly everyone wants to be able to see …