Turner Publications & Osteopathy


HI Everybody – The following Journal Articles are now available for you to read;

1) “Holism in Osteopathy, Bridging the gap between concept and practice: A grounded theory study”

You will need subscription access to this paper:  https://authors.elsevier.com/a/1U8L26D0fPWce5The link to a youtube summary video is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOoKfy9p2Y

I have a copy so You can contact me for any questions.

2) “A Theoretical Framework of Holism in Healthcare”

This one is free access and outlines a summary of the theoretical framework.Link to Mini-review:  https://biomedicine.imedpub.com/a-theoretical-framework-of-holism-in-healthcare.pdf

3) “Facilitators and Barriers to Holistic Practice: An Osteopathic Perspective”


or http://medcraveonline.com/IJCAM/volume_issues?issueId=2002&volumeId=587

NEW: You Tube Videos of My Research presentation are now available for you to view: The links are as follows (click on part you want to see)


Part 1: Understanding the Relationships behind your pain.

Part 2: What is the Whole Person?

Part 3: Three factors that Influence Treatment (and finding ART).

Part 4: The Theoretical Framework of Holism.

 Also – here is a PDF of the theoretical framework (as it is a bit fuzzy on video):  Fig 1 – Theoretical framework of holism