Turner Publications & Osteopathy

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1. Osteopathy: what is Osteopathy


2. Osteopathy: Practice Details & Information


3. Paul Turner’s Approach Explained


4. What to expect in a Healing with Paul


5. Headaches and Osteopathy: An Anatomical Viewpoint


6. Keeping your Kids Healthy & Happy with Osteopathy




1. Holism in Health Care – What Exactly Does it Mean?


2. Resolving Chronic Health Issues; Secrets to Success


3. Thoughts on TART versus ART


4. Integrating Holistic Principles into Osteopathic Practice


5.  Are we losing our identity (true holistic Osteopathy) to over-emphasis on reductionist (condition/symptom focused) evidence based medicine


6. Treating with Awareness of Relationships


7.  Chronic Pain – Why Focus on Pain? (It’s a Distraction)


8.  Issues with Pain and Range


9. The need for Holistic research (and concerns about current trends in research)


10.  Holistic Principles & Assessing With Awareness – Summary Sheet


11.  Assessment Aids 1: General & Regional Assessment Essentials & Case Study (SHIN SPLINTS)


12.  Assessment Aids 2: Sample Holistic & Regional Assessment Plan – Shoulder Problem


13.  Assessment Aids 3: Help Tips for Recording Findings from Posture Assessment




1.  The Full Body Breathing Exercise & Benefits to Your Health


2.  Centering Tips – Clearing the Mind

3.  Surrender


4. The Creation of Joy: Keeping our Motives Pure

5.  The Psychology of what happens when Dis-ease Meets Health


6.  Taking Responsibility for our Health (During a Crisis) 


7.  Nature Re-Balancing (and healing meditation on the corona virus)


8. What is WELL-BEING


9.  Issues with Imposed Interventions as an Excuse to Justify Certain (inappropriate and perhaps enforced) Actions

10. FREEWILL to choose our own life path: the way of the lower ego or true higher self – it’s our choice