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1. Osteopathy: what is Osteopathy

2. Osteopathy: Practice Details & Information

3. Paul Turner’s Approach Explained

4. What to expect in a Healing with Paul

5. Integrating Holistic Principles into Osteopathic Practice

6. Headaches and Osteopathy: An Anatomical Viewpoint

7. Keeping your Kids Healthy & Happy with Osteopathy

8.  Osteopathy Support for People with Cancer (link to site – Outsmart Cancer) 

9.  Are we losing our identity (true holistic Osteopathy) to over-emphasis on reductionist (condition/symptom focused) evidence based medicine


A.  Surrender

B.  Centering Tips – Clearing the Mind

C.  Holism in Health Care – What Exactly Does it Mean?

D. Treating with Awareness of Relationships

E.  Issues with Pain and Range

F.  Chronic Pain – Why Focus on Pain? (It’s a Distraction)

G.  Assessment Aids 1: General & Regional Assessment Essentials & Case Study (SHIN SPLINTS)

H.  Assessment Aids 2: Sample Holistic & Regional Assessment Plan – Shoulder Problem

I.  Assessment Aids 3: Help Tips for Recording Findings from Posture Assessment

J.  Resolving Chronic Health Issues; Secrets to Success

K. The need for Holistic research (and concerns about current trends in research)

L. Thoughts on TART versus ART 

M. The Creation of Joy: Keeping our Motives Pure

N.  Holistic Principles & Assessing With Awareness – Summary Sheet

O.  The Full Body Breathing Exercise & Benefits to Your Health

P.  Nature Re-Balancing (and healing meditation on the corona virus)

Q.  Issues with Imposed Vaccinations as an Excuse to Justify Certain (inappropriate and perhaps enforced) Actions

R.  The Psychology of what happens when Dis-ease Meets Health

S.  Taking Responsibility for our Health (During a Crisis) 

T. FREEWILL to choose our own life path: the way of the lower ego or true higher self – it’s our choice