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Bridging the Gap – Care 1

The Basics of Wholistic Assessment

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This book discusses the philosophical and conceptual ideas designed to help promote wholistic thinking in health care, with some small practical applications. It helps to illustrate the rational behind wholistic thinking in practice and its importance in health care as well as to eradicate some of the errors in following the purely symptomatic approach.

Although originally written to help Osteopaths integrate to help Osteopaths integrate assessment and treatment, the concepts discussed herein can equally be applied by all therapists, especially those involved in manual health fields.


“Dr Paul Turner’s insights into the mechanisms for achieving effective and lasting treatments and the associated examination and diagnostic protocols are profound, but described simply and clearly for the reader. After reading this book therapists will be challenged to alter how they deliver treatments to clients. Highly recommended…”
Geoff Charles, Remedial Massage Therapist

“Bridging the Gap is a book that I found helped me to form a framework for healthcare. This framework allowed me to incorporate all the knowledge I had previously acquired as well as provided a platform on which to add and integrate my future learning’s. Thus, allowing me to completely integrate all concepts, linked or disparate, into my own paradigm of health and healing….”
– Patrick Carr, Osteopath