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Bridging the Gap – Care 2

Multidimensional Assessment

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This book helps to integrate assessment on all levels of being multi-dimensionally from an energetic/spiritual perspective rather than focusing on integrating assessment from a more mechanical, structural perspective.  A multidimensional model of assessment is discussed which can be scientifically explored and tested using the instruments of self consciousness (i.e. the mind and our inner senses).  When successfully implemented these ideas should help to consciously bridge the gap between the intellect and intuition.

It is a useful resource for any practitioner/healer who works with energies or anyone simply wishing to develop a deeper understanding of self.


“This book brilliantly synthesises current understandings of what takes place during a healing session.  It explains lucidly what unconsciously occurs at an energy level during healing, and provides a methodology for diagnosis and treatment using the power of the mind. Anyone who reads this book and puts into practice Paul’s techniques will find their treatments will improve significantly…”
Geoff Charles, Remedial Massage Therapist.

“This book gives lots of ideas for treatment, as well as linking both the physical with the energetic, leading to a more holistic way of treatment. Very Informative…”
– Bronwyn Butterworth, Naturopath/Massage Therapist