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Wholistic Integrated Assesment

12 DVD Set and Manual

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This Guide is a practical and case study based guide to holistic integrated assessment and treatment.  It is a common sense formal teaching program practically illustrating the concepts, processes, skills and awareness necessary to safely and logically develop a deeper understanding of how to assess and treat holistically.  It can be used either as a stand alone integration aid for students or qualified practitioners or can be used as part of a formal training course in manual therapies, as an integrated on campus or correspondence resource.

It has been this author’s experience in teaching over many years that, if introduced early in a student’s study, it helps to make assessment and treatment easier, more successful and rewarding.


“This DVD series/book combination provides a powerful and comprehensive understanding of how to easily assess patient symptoms and identify root cause connections. Regardless of bodywork discipline, all practitioners will benefit from these techniques, enabling effective treatment processes…”
– Rowena Millard, Remedial Massage Therapist