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What to expect in a healing with Paul Turner

The miracle of you

You are a miracle. You are more than meets the eye. You are a multi-dimensional unlimited being. But you probably don’t feel like it, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, right?

You are here because you have a hope that your pain, your problem, your suffering can be alleviated. You hope that someone out there is going to fix you. But guess what? Here you will be taken on a journey where you will witness how your own body can heal itself.

Your body is a miracle. There is an incredible intelligence in it that knows how to pump your blood, digest foods you eat, heal your wounds, without you even thinking about those things. But why then, you may ask, this intelligence isn’t doing its job and you have to turn to someone else to heal you?

Why do we get sick?

Many problems in the body are the result of traumas, memories and emotional issues (present and/or past) that get trapped in the body and which, if unresolved at the psychological level, eventually manifest as a disease.

We would never get sick if we lived in total harmony with the flow of the Universe. But, unfortunately we don’t always live like that. Sickness comes when we are disconnecting from the life forces within us.

There is also another reason for sickness: we are trying to connect to the life forces within, and the issues that have been hiding inside us, start coming up as they get ready to leave our body.  Like pouring clear water into a bucket of murky water, the healing energies flush imbalances to the surface (which you may feel) on your journey to greater health.  But these issues, which take the form of pain, emotional upheavals and psychological traumas, aren’t real. They are made out of the same substance as your Health and the loving intelligence in you.

How does the treatment work?

The treatment that you are going to receive here is very subtle but may potentially be extremely powerful. It works like this: Paul finds the source of Health in your body and he also locates the main problem area causing the trouble in your body. Then he connects the two, so that Health can “talk” with the problem. He holds this communication channel until the problem starts listening to Health. Initially the problem might not want to listen, it might rebel. But eventually, it will give in and will transmute back into Health but only when it’s ready and of its own free will.

Remember, the problem is made up of the same energy as Health; it just got denser and forgot that it was Health to begin with. It’s like an iceberg in the ocean: the iceberg is the problem area and the ocean is Health. Both are made of water. The iceberg eventually melts and blends in with the ocean.

Sounds a bit like magic, right? In fact, it’s more science than magic. A lot is happening behind the scenes without you even noticing it. Before the actual healing begins you are taken through the process of assessment and diagnosis. It is highly complex and technical, yet it’s all happening at lightning speed. Paul checks your energy centres (chakras), your physical, energetic, emotional, mental and other levels of being, plus many other components that you may not be aware of. Such thorough screening is necessary to pinpoint the exact location of the disease and the time when it came into existence.

The healing journey

When the problem area prepares to turn back to Health and release, you may have to deal with the issues that created the problem in the first place. You may re-experience various emotions like fear, anger, sadness, depression. You may have to re-live memories of past trauma. Physical symptoms may temporarily worsen. Yes, it can be a very bumpy ride. But it’s worth it. It’s a storm that you need to go through. It means that the real cause of a disease has been found and is given a chance to release and turn back into Health. This may happen during a healing session and also following it.

Coping with the storm

During the storm you need to try and stay as detached as possible from the emotions or pain going through you. Try and watch them without getting too identified with them. For example, if you feel like crying, cry. But at the same time try and be the watcher of the crying self, and not the actual crying self. Just sit with yourself as you cry.

Paul will teach you wonderful exercises and meditations that may help you weather the storm. Do use them, they are designed to help you stay conscious and centred.

If you have other methods to deal with emotional crisis, please feel free to use them. For example, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a great method where you actually release emotions as you relive them. If you have a psychologist or a psychotherapist, working in parallel with them during your healing journey could be very beneficial.

If you are a meditator, you can meditate the way you usually do. If not, just try to sit quietly and tune in to the healing energies within you. Sense and observe them do what they are do best – putting the house back in order. They can get a bit overwhelming, but have no fear, just trust the higher intelligence within you.

What not to do during the storm

Do not panic and do not try to push the problem back under the surface. Do not ignore the strong emotions you may be feeling. Do not feed them and do not let them control you either. We don’t want to give another life to the problem within. If you let the problem sink back under the surface, your body will have to compensate for it once again. Simply acknowledge it and release.

As layer upon layer of traumatic injuries and memories start to release, your body will be getting increasingly purified and healthy.

Please note: There are instances when a problem in the body won’t budge and won’t cooperate. It can only turn back to Health on its own free will. Nothing is ever forced during the treatment. The problem will be left alone until the time it is ready to release. But be assured, you may still receive plenty of benefits from the treatment.  At the very least your body should be better balanced.

Are you ready? Let the crazy ride begin.

May this journey to Health help you realise your free and unlimited nature.


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