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1. Holistic Postural Assessment: The Secrets to Success – 2 Days

2. Holistic Muscle Energy Technique – 2 Days

3. Holistic Articulatory Technique – 2 Days

4. An Introduction to Multidimensional Healing (NEW) – 1 Day (Proposed Dates: a) 25th March or b) 29th July)

This is a new workshop put on because of a demand for it;  i.e. many people may be struggling to achieve long term relief to their health problems and so are looking for methods to improve their health as well as their self-awareness.  This workshop will cover the basics of understanding the multidimensional nature of our selves and teach you visualisation exercises to help balance your whole ‘BEING’ and work towards long term health gains.

5. Multidimensional Healing (Self awareness – Craniosacral course) – 6 Day.   (Proposed Dates:  8, 9 Sept, 20, 21 Oct, 17, 18 Nov 2018)

This workshop takes traditional assessment and treatment to a much deeper level utilising the inherent self-healing potential and life energies within in order to help restore health and function to the whole person.

In this workshop we will review traditional cranio-sacral anatomy/physiology and its application in healing.  Learn how to use the mind as a tool which can be utilised to expand our assessment of traditional anatomy and inner rhythms of the body to include energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual anatomy and physiology.  Time and relationships are also explored in this workshop.  Treatment is approached from the perspective of the whole rather than the part. Thus, treatment explores how to allow the inner guidance of the “HEALTH within” to help us identify what levels and anatomy of “being” are ready and require treatment and also from where we need to be in order to achieve maximum effects – rather than on applying treatment to an isolated part with little awareness of the parts relation, and potential importance, in that moment with the whole.   Exercises in this workshop also explore self-healing and its importance in the treatment of others.

A Holistic Multidimensional Framework - integration course

The above diagram illustrates the emphasis in my workshops (i.e. finding the “what else” and being able to apply treatments to restore relationship imbalances between this “what else” and the tissues causing symptoms.  I realised I already had all the material for a full integration bridging course but needed the “Theoretical Framework of Holism” from my research to make clear the “GAP” needing to be filled and thus highlight the focus-emphasis of my courses.   So, until health courses fully incorporate the holistic model in balanced emphasis with the biomedical, if you feel this is an element which was not integrated fully in your course, this might be a suitable option to BRIDGE THE GAP between the two approaches.

The proposed structure for a full course can be seen in this PDF link: HMM integration course plan


PHASE 2:  relates to TREATING THE WHAT ELSE’ using two commonly used technique approaches which can be easily applied to most manual therapies methods (applied holistically to address relationship links – not just local dysfunctions).

PHASE 3: LINKS PHYSICAL “WHAT ELSE” with MULTIDIMENSIONAL ELEMENTS OF THE HOLISTIC PROBLEM PATTERN (multidimensional A.R.T.).  This would be optional for those who want to take it deeper and link physical findings to other levels and time elements of the problem pattern.

I will keep you posted but hope to have this course fully operational in the near future as well as trying to get my “Holistic integrated Assessment”DVD set and manual ready as an online course.

I am also planning to put my self healing meditation exercises on audio – so exciting things to look forward to in the future.  

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  • These are proposed times/dates and may be subject to some change depending on circumstances.  Alternative options are welcome.
  • NOT ALL WORKSHOPS ARE RUNNING IN 2018 BUT IF INTERESTED CONTACT ME AND I CAN PUT ONE ON (for interested groups – numbers permitting).
  • CPD points may apply (14 hours for 2 day workshop, 42 hours for 6 day workshop and 16 hours for review of DVD’s on Wholistic Integrated Assessment).
  • INQUIRIES WELCOME:  if you have a group interested in any of these or other workshops (alternate times/locations, etc).  I am happy to conduct other short talks, presentations or workshops for groups/organisations – 1-2 Hrs, 1/2 day, full day or more as needed) – contact me if interested.



I would like to offer this group for anyone who wants to learn about self development healing and meditation techniques.  It may also be a good way to introduce yourself to information which will be presented in more practical depth in the 6 day Multidimensional Assessment workshop.

Each night will include a short introduction, a discussion about a topic and a meditation to put what is learnt into practice.   The whole program is designed to increasingly deepen your understanding of “self” and thus improve self awareness and healing.

For week by week program details click on the following link:

Meditation Group Program


Beginning Feb 7th 2018.

Contact Paul if interested Ph: 0417 110 755

Cost $5.00 (some snacks, tea etc after if you like)

Venue: 47 Silverton Drive, Ferntree Gully

NOTICE: Check this space weekly for notifications prior to the group starting.  If for any reason any wednessday is not going ahead I will post a notice informing you so here.



I recently Presented at the Annual Meeting on Naturopathic Physicians & Accupuncturists Conference, July 24-26th in Melbourne, Australia, on my research “Holism in Healthcare” which helps to bridge the gap between holistic concept and practice as well as to explain the relationship between holistic and biomedical approaches.  Here is what some people had to say about my presentation.

Testimonials On Presentations


A.  “Thank you Paul for such an informative and wonderful presentation at the Naturopathy Conference in Melbourne recently. Your professional presentation was so informative, as was your practical demonstration. It is gratifying to hear your passion and holistic approach to your Osteopathy work. Your students are extremely fortunate to have you as their educator and mentor. You were so engaging I just wish you were given more time as I could have listened and learnt for hours. I greatly appreciate the information you shared. Kind Regards Karen Phillip”


B. ”Thank you so much Paul for sharing your amazing insights on your holistic approach with patient care. I have learned so much from your engaging presentation and workshop and will put some of that information into practice with clients. Warm regards, Anne Hilarius-Ford”





Facilitator – Jarrod Vains; Link: http://www.multidimensionalhealth.com.au/



Facilitator: Krishna Dutton; Link: https://www.facebook.com/thewellnessbarnthebasin/