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Notice: Meditation Group not running at moment.  I will let you know if we will recommence at a later date here.


ONLINE MEETINGS FROM YOUR OWN HOME) – its free!  You just need to follow the links posted each week and log in on time, participate respectfully and enjoy!

The Human Condition

Sometimes we are to much in our heads that we can miss the obvious clues to health and wellness.

Learn how to read the signs that point the way to improved self-awareness and health?

Dates this term.

Free online CLASSES & MEDITATION for anyone who wants to learn about self-development, healing and meditation techniques. The classes are offered weekly on (not currently running).
The classes are run by PAUL TURNER, an osteopath and energy healer with over 30 years of clinical and teaching experience.
The whole program is designed to increasingly deepen your understanding of “self” and thus improve self-awareness and healing.

Topics may vary depending on interest.  The following attachment has some ideas for topics but I am open to other topics of interest to the group.

Possible topics: Meditation Group Topics

PREREQUISITE. MUST WATCH if you are joining the classes: if you have not attended before it is recommended you have a quick look at this introductory session video to familiarise yourself with important principles we will apply every week in the meditation exercises.  This means I will not have to double up unnecessarily.   THE FUNDAMENTALS OF HEALING.


Log in details will be placed here each week we are running the Meetings.

NOTICE: Check this space weekly for notifications prior to the group starting.  If for any reason any sesssion is not going ahead I will post a notice informing you so here.

Update on weekly Meditation group – Not currently running but I am working on some live workshops which will be available very soon.


If you want to go on the workshop or self-healing mailing list to receive log in details, just let me know.

Meanwhile, I have a lot of other free resources also (videos and articles) to get a feel for my work or approaches to healing and which might help with self-healing: see my website: www.turnerpublications.com

Also – If you check under online courses I have created a self-healing online course available with all you need to know to start your healing journey.  I also plan to run some live workshops a couple of ties per year on 1) self healing and 2) self help (treatment and rehabilitation) tips.  I will keep you posted on these.