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WEDNESDAY EVENINGS (Fortnightly) 8-9:30 pm

The Human Condition

Sometimes we are to much in our heads that we can miss the obvious clues to health and wellness.

Learn how to read the signs that point the way to improved self-awareness and health?

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Sessions this term: I am not currently running a group but may open it up again in the future.

I am offering this group for anyone who wants to learn about self development healing and meditation techniques.  It may also be a good way to introduce yourself to information which will be presented in more practical depth in the 6 day Multidimensional Assessment workshop.

Each night will include a short introduction, a discussion about a topic and a meditation to put what is learnt into practice.   The whole program is designed to increasingly deepen your understanding of “self” and thus improve self awareness and healing.

Topics will be according to the following attachment or according to group need and interest.  I am planning to spend a little less time (if this is at all possible) talking about the theory/philosophy of healing (i.e. I will give just enough to get a feel for things) and more time exploring guided meditations to put what has been learned so far into practice (thus deepening our practice).

Possible topics: Meditation Group Topics


Please contact me (Paul) before the night if interested so i know who is attending. Ph: 0417 110 755

Cost $5.00 (some snacks, tea etc after if you like)

Venue: 47 Silverton Drive, Ferntree Gully

NOTICE: Check this space weekly for notifications prior to the group starting.  If for any reason any Wednesday is not going ahead I will post a notice informing you so here.