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The ART of Listening to the Body: Holistic Assessment, Treatment & Rehabilitation

A practical step by step guide for manual therapy students and practitioners

This site has been developed with the goal of improving holistic education, awareness, assessment and treatment methods for all who are interested in holistic health care.

Health professionals and anyone with an interest in integrated holistic assessment and treatment methods will benefit as well as anyone with an interest in spirituality, healing, self development and life philosophy.

It is Paul’s vision that this information helps to enlighten and educate health care providers all around the world to a deeper meaning and use of the term “holistic”.

Paul Turner, Osteopath

Founder of Turner Publications and practising Osteopath

Paul graduated as an Osteopath in 1993 and has had many years of experience in Cranio-sacral and Biodynamic Osteopathy as well as multi-dimensional healing methods. From his early years in practice he spent many years studying many texts on healing, self development, spiritual wisdom, philosophy and yoga.

Osteopathy Practice Details

Restoring Healthy Relationships
within your BE-ING

It is Paul’s vision that this information helps to enlighten and educate health care providers all around the world to a deeper meaning and use of the term “holistic”.

My Approach Explained

There are Two Relationships to consider


Between “What Else” is going on in the background (setting up, causing, contributing to, the condition or otherwise interfering with self-healing and recovery) and the “Tissues/Condition Causing Symptoms”.


Regional or Symptomatic is between the tissues/condition causing the symptoms and the symptoms themselves

Two Day Intensive Self-Healing Workshop

Healing the Self to Heal Humanity.

What is this workshop about?

This workshop is designed to teach/remind participants how to tune into and heal and integrate all the many aspects of the self (spiritual, intuitive, mental, emotional, energetic and physical). We will look at all the anatomy that makes up our holistic selves and learn how to recognise/tune into the health within in order to help us heal our minds, emotions and bodies.

Why is this healing needed?

In the world we are living in there is an enormous amount of suffering, conflict, confusion, dis-ease, illness and a general forgetting of how to tune in and heal the self from within out. We have collectively it seems, forgotten how to tap into the inner self and become aware of our inner health and guidance system. We have become ‘out of sync’ with our own ‘inner’ Nature (ideal blueprint) and therefore also ‘outer’ Nature.

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Paul Turner’s Publications

Bridging the Gap in Health 1

The Basics of Wholistic Assessment

This book discusses the philosophical and conceptual ideas designed to help promote wholistic thinking in health care, with some small practical applications. It helps to illustrate the rational behind wholistic thinking in practice and its importance in health care as well as to eradicate some of the errors in following the purely symptomatic approach.

Although originally written to help Osteopaths integrate to help Osteopaths integrate assessment and treatment, the concepts discussed herein can equally be applied by all therapists, especially those involved in manual health fields.

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Bridging the Gap in Health 2

Multidimensional Assessment

This book helps to integrate assessment on all levels of being multi-dimensionally from an energetic/spiritual perspective rather than focusing on integrating assessment from a more mechanical, structural perspective. A multidimensional model of assessment is discussed which can be scientifically explored and tested using the instruments of self consciousness (i.e. the mind and our inner senses). When successfully implemented these ideas should help to consciously bridge the gap between the intellect and intuition.

It is a useful resource for any practitioner/healer who works with energies or anyone simply wishing to develop a deeper understanding of self.

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From the Blog


Hey there.  I thought I would add some thoughts on “WHAT IS WELL-BEING” if that’s ok, since I deal with this topic every day in my professional work life and it’s an issue that does indeed need to be addressed in our overall schooling and professional...

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FREEWILL to choose our own life path: the way of the lower ego or true higher self – it’s our choice

Freedom to choose is a universal right! Note: this is especially so when there is doubt about the validity of the topic, and safety of the medical experiment etc. Introduction We are in turbulent times in the current world situation where we have a tough...

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How to get the most out of my meditations

Notes to help get more out of my meditations With many of meditations we are trying to help you notice the differences within the self between health and dis-ease (within ourselves and also in our relationships with others).  Thus, we will go through a process where...

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Self and World Healing Triangle Meditation

Hi All.  Last year I ran a world healing triangle meditation event fortnightly to help people stay balanced and empowered throughout the current crisis.  I may run this again if needed at a later date but Meanwhile, all the information related to this exercise can be...

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Taking Responsibility for our Health (During a Crisis)

TAKING RESPONSIBILITY: I would like to share a quote from “Esoteric Healing” by Alice A Bailey, Lucis Publishing company, pg 259-260. 1953. which has some relevance to us now (and is linked to karma and self-responsibility): “Liberty, in the minds of many, is freedom from...

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The Psychology of what happens when Dis-ease Meets Health

Introduction The following story discusses what happens when someone who ‘owns their inner health’ comes into contact with someone else who is ‘attached to dis-ease or illusion’ in some form or other.   Our inner conflicts can often be reflected back at us in the external...

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Issues with Imposed Interventions as an Excuse to Justify Certain (inappropriate and perhaps enforced) Actions.

ISSUES WITH IMPOSED INTERVENTIONS AS AN EXCUSE TO JUSTIFY CERTAIN (inappropriate and perhaps enforced) ACTIONS. I realise this may be a very controversial topic but am writing this simply to voice some inner reasoning and thoughts I have had on the pro’s and cons of...

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Nature Re-balancing (& healing meditation on the caronavirus)

Nature Rebalancing A friend and I were discussing, the other day, all the crazy happenings that have been occurring lately on the planet and what from an inner spiritual and psychological (and universal) angle it could all represent? Personally, I see the planet as a...

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Integration Course: Finding & Treating Primary Problem Patterns (& Using Articulation as a Holistic Treatment Tool)

Workshop Proposal by Paul Turner.   B.App.Sc.(Osteopathy) & B.H.Sc.(Hons) Contact: 0417 110 755.  Website: Integration Course: Finding & Treating Primary Problem Patterns (& Using Articulation as a Holistic Treatment Tool) Note: this is a combination of some holistic assessment principles from “The ART of Listening...

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