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  • Holism in Health Care – What Exactly Does it Mean?

    HOLISM IN HEALTH CARE – WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Introduction Holism can mean different things to different people, depending on past experience, perception, belief, and education. Assessing and treating holistically seems such a common sense idea – “to treat the whole person” and the concept of holism appears to be becoming increasingly popular with many …

  • Headaches & Osteopathy – An Anatomical Viewpoint

    Headaches and Osteopathy Introduction: According to the International-Headache-Society (2014; classification section), there are many types of headaches, the most common of which include migraine, cluster and tension headaches: – Headaches can be associated with head trauma (or any trauma), vascular problems, infection, substance use and their withdrawal, non-vascular intracranial disorders (e.g. a tumour), disorders of …