FREEWILL to choose our own life path: the way of the lower ego or true higher self – it’s our choice

Freedom to choose is a universal right!

Note: this is especially so when there is doubt about the validity of the topic, and safety of the medical experiment etc.


We are in turbulent times in the current world situation where we have a tough choice to make.  Let me start with a story.  Imagine we are the captain (the true spiritual self) of a sailing ship and we have just entered into a raging storm.  Everything looks grey, dark and bleak, the winds are howling, the seas are rising and all the forces of nature it seems have risen up against us to try to take us and the ship down into the depths of the ocean.   What do we do?  We have two choices a) to stay firm at the helm and fearlessly steer our ship into and through the storm, holding on to the helm and thus steering the ship (of the personality, vehicle or outer self) into the storm, holding her steady and being unwavering in our resolve until we pass through the storm and out the other side, safe and unscathed or b) to panic, give up all hope, hope like hell someone will come to miraculously save us, lose all reason, jump ship or whatever other behaviour we may engage in.   If we do this and do not hold true, steady our resolve, have faith and stay at the helm then it is likely that we are going to go down with the ship.  Maybe we will miraculously survive and find ourselves relatively unscathed after the storm; maybe we will be battered, wounded and exhausted, but at alive at least or maybe we will drown.  Maybe even there is a loud external voice from another ship nearby claiming they can save us, but in order to do so, we have to let go of our own helm and give up the freedom to steer our own ships in order to do so (for we are still afloat are we not? and we are not truly in trouble yet).  How we respond or react to this scenario is entirely up to us.  Its our choice.   Do we hold firm to our innermost conviction and guidance and steer ourselves through or do we cave in under the pressure, listen to others coercing us to follow their path or simply let go of the helm and allow ourselves to succumb to the raging storm!  These are the choices we face right now.  We are being assaulted with limitations of freedoms, lockdowns, mandates and fear-based tactics, deception, lies, lack of transparency etc, all done in the name of our greater good but perhaps at the expense of losing our centre of power and thus get swept up in the storm that is currently our lives.


There are two pathways we can CHOOSE to follow, embrace and practice.  I will discuss each and then you can investigate current events in light of these two paths and ask yourself, which one am I listening to? Which voice are the powers that be in the external world speaking from?   It should then be a lot clearer that something is going on here that may not be for our best interests.  Which path is the correct one to take and how can we know if it is healthy or not?   These two paths are:

  • That of the lower self: the human ego or the NOT SELF.
  • That of the Higher Healthy Self or TRUE SELF.

What does this remind us of? The immune system, which when healthy can easily differentiate between these two things and thus adequately defend us against invaders.   This holds true not only physically but also mentally, emotionally and energetically.   When the pathogen is physical it’s usually quite clear that the invader is part of the not-self and the natural self-healing mechanisms kick into gear to combat it.

Logically – the healthier a person is and the better his/her awareness of the TRUE SELF, the more effective will be the immune response.   However, when the invader is mental, emotional or energetic, because of our over focus on the material world we might not even recognise we have been invaded and thus without even realise it, fail to mount an adequate mental, emotional or energetic healthy immune response.  Why? Because we allow ourselves to be deceived by slick words and false promises (that cannot be kept) and without even questioning and checking the true motives of these ‘uninvited guests’ or ‘invaders’ at the doors to our being – for evidence of pure or impure motives.  We have blindly and obliviously opened the door and let these invaders in willingly.   They then take over our mechanism (our personalities) and make us behave according to their will and not our own.   We may then become enslaved and reprogrammed, often without us even knowing it.   Furthermore, these invaders are often that sneaky that they go even further and convince us that it is still our will we are following, not theirs (because it was our choice to let them in, therefore we must have wanted it), but in reality, we are mere puppets, programmed to move according to their dictates and believe their realities as our own.   What is even worse is that once we give up our sovereign free will and accept a faulty programming, we will the go out of or way to defend this invader and resist any truth presented which can help us regain the sovereignty of our own TRUE self.

What is a virus but some foreign genetic material or pathogen trying to take us over and reprogram us according to its agenda?   How can one or a few foreign cells achieve this unless the billions of other healthy cells give up their NATURAL SELF IDENTITY and allow themselves to succumb to the invaders will?

If we think this through it should be evident that the physical response in the physical body, and thus our physical immunity, can be significantly be influenced by mental, emotional and energetic pathogens or negative (in motive) influences from others.  Thus, one way we can lower our defences (other than more physical means such as through poor diet or inadequate exercise, or other physical toxins) is by allowing ourselves to be psychologically programmed and give up our identification with our true spiritual (God given) identity and unity by allowing ourselves to become separated, confused and conflicted.

Within our very being – in our hearts (and in fact within every cell within our being)– we have a connection through our very life energy with our life source.    This source is ONE and always, the relationships between its component parts are in harmonious functional balance with one another.  This is our INNER GUIDANCE MECHANISM and it KNOWS what is good for us.  All we need to do is to start using our minds to tune into it and start following its intuitive-inner WISDOM.

Therefore, if we are ever confused when we are presented with any outer life choices or mandates (such as we are seeing at this time in human history during the so-called pandemic) and do not feel comfortable with what we are told (often based upon opinion rather than real holistic transparently applied evidence) this means that we are conflicted between two different voices; that of the TRUE versus the FALSE self.  With practice and conscious awareness, we can tune into this inner health (true self) as well as to notice any dis-ease or im-balance interfering with its unified functioning.    But to do this we need to first learn how to use our minds to investigate motives behind outer appearances (i.e., learn to think, ask SENSIBLE questions and reason things through to their logical conclusions – as would any good detective fulfilling his role in uncovering the true culprit behind the scenes).

As you will see, the true self is ONE and always in harmony with our life source whereas the false self always aligns with the lower human ego. So… let’s take a look at these two voices and see if we can see how they are playing out in current world conditions.

1. The VOICE of the lower ego; the separative or conflicted self.

This voice always promises the world but cannot actually deliver because it itself is an illusion created the moment, we separated our consciousness from our true selves and became attached to the outer world of thoughts, emotions, objects etc.   I.e., it became attached to the senses and the objects of the senses to the extent that it became de-identified with the true or God identified unified self.    I call this the SEPATRATED SELF because it has become de-identified from its source and attached instead to its manifest material expression (materialistic and more selfish in consciousness).  This is the materialistic and often (regardless of whether we are a good or bad person so to speak) selfish self and its MOTIVE is therefore more about personal gain without necessarily considering the needs of others.  The result is often a win-lose interaction, or if there are healthier motives (as in a relatively natural and good human being or personality) it may create some gain for others also but the prime motive still is in maintaining its own survival over others survival.   When times get tough, a more selfish individual for example, will put its survival over saving others and may not even try to help unless there is a political reason for appearing to do so.   If a person were a KING for example, his interest would be RULING THE PEOPLE rather than SERVING THE PEOPLE (through good leadership and humble honest example).   The ego is about more power, money, acquisitions, control, acquiring love or affection etc all for personal benefit.

Contrast this with being identified with the ‘Real Self’ which I call the ‘Individualised self’ because it remains connected with its ‘Source’ as a drop does with the ocean from which it comes.   This self as you will see is about the ‘well-being of all’ and its motive is WIN-WIN at no one’s ‘higher’ expense (although people lower ego’s may disagree ????).  This self is about FREEDOM, CREATING AND THRIVING over surviving.

So – the first and original cause of dis-ease therefore is the first moment of separation from this real or unified source.   Healing is simply a re-identification with this unity such that the illusion of separation is seen as it actually is and can resolve itself back to a healthy natural functioning, free to create, express and explore life and to evolve an increasingly more conscious understanding of life.

What are the tactics of the lower ego? 

It mandates are fear and control and it carries out its purposes through manipulation, coercion, omission and twisting of truths and information to carry out its agendas.  It bullies, restricts rights and freedom of those not agreeing or complying.  It manipulates words and information, sharing only those facts with are in alignment with its agenda and blocking, squashing or censuring other information out of alignment with its goals and agendas (e.g., that information which will make known the whole truth and thus allow others a more balanced and informed choice).   It gets angry or reactive when confronted to reveal its evidence (Why – isn’t my opinion enough?) and refuses to consider or allow any other opinion because to even entertain alternative opinions, it would allow people (them-selves included) the choice of entertaining other alternatives.  The ego doesn’t want this so it ‘omits’ even mentioning it in hopes people (in their ignorance) won’t even think about it and therefore wont question said motives.

It promises short term gain (often in the name of our ‘apparent’ good) without considering long term effects or well-being, and thus often comes at a cost which will have to be paid back at a later date.  It uses all the tactics mentioned above because it knows that people, when fearful, will not reason effectively and will give up freedoms they otherwise would not if they were in a peaceful balanced and rational uncoerced state.

Consider the school yard bully whose behaviour we are told should not be permitted in our schools.   What does he do?  He bullies and coerces his victims to part with their lunch money in exchange for their protection against other bullies or against getting beaten up.   “It’s your choice however, no pressure, its just that if you don’t give me the money, we will beat you up!”

Then, if we agree to this flawed ‘contract of terms’ the bully has set out for us, he goes on to tell us that we voluntarily agreed to it therefore we must have wanted it and therefore he is not personally liable which just reinforces to the bully that they are within their rights to bully others for money.   “If I can get away with it, why not? he thinks!  The bully’s motive is money or power exploitation and it has succeeded so it must be doing something right!”.  Yet, he considers not the viewpoint of his victim and how such actions may affect their life, future, health and well-being.  Why? Because he is not even thinking about these motives (e.g., the well-being of others outside himself).  The world of the ego resolves only about its own separative self.   Where is the logic in all of this?  It’s actually insane!

The ego is thus all about win-lose, victim or victimiser, personal pleasure or pain, gain/satisfaction – often consciously or unconsciously at another person’s, co-operations or business’s expense.   Relationships are thus, one sided and promote dys-function and dis-ease rather than health, function and ease.   Everything is a constant struggle and even when it gets what it thinks it wants it is still not satisfied and so runs continually outwards looking for answers and satisfactions that can only be truly found by connecting once again with the life source within.

Because no one want to be the victim, the ego reasons it instead prefers to become the victimiser, thus repeating never ending cycles of conflict, abuse and suffering.   Both victim and victimiser are egoic states because neither is owning its power (one being over and one under the balance line) and not being TRUE to its inner natural (BALANCED) self.   It never occurs to the separative ego that there is a third option where there can be a mutual interaction where everyone benefits and that a win-win outcome for all, would actually be more beneficial and enjoyable.   Why just survive when we can thrive?

Separation and isolation never bring freedom and peace and these qualities can never be achieved by force.   These qualities can only come via a mutually beneficial (win-win) interaction.  Why? Because only in win-win relationships can we have a peaceful healthy functional and unified relationship.   This state of BE-ING is already within us.  All we need to do is to tune into it, let it out through us to overflow and connect with others who can respond, if they so choose in a like manner.     See-feed the health in oneself and we can start to see it and feed it within others.   It is that simple and easy to spread health instead of disease.

The lower ego however, does not understand this; it misinterprets it in fact and replaces it with its own theory about life and tries instead to take what it wants (energy) from others and the external world in order to feel sustained, instead of via its own inner healthy life source.    That’s why the ego makes promises it cannot keep because it cannot give what it has not yet realised.   It therefore shares the illusion rather than the truth itself and refuses to look at truth because if it did, even for a second, it would realise that it is faulty in its reasoning and would have to change its belief in accord with a greater truth.    It is held in an illusion and not the reality.   It thus projects its misinterpretations of life externally and eventually gets back what it projects (separation, conflict, suffering).

The ultimate lesson here for all of us is that by projecting out into the external world what we have inwardly believed to be true and then seeing the effects of this projection reflected back upon us – we are better able to see what is the NOT-SELF (bringing no lasting peace, happiness and joy) compared with the real self (which does bring greater peace, harmony, love, joy and happiness).     This is how we start to appreciate what is healthy and what is not and come to realise what our true self actually is.      What we experience in our lives and bodies is in reality the external manifestation of our inner belief systems.    If we adjust our beliefs to be in sync with greater health, we will build this in and manifest it.  If we do not, we will build in and manifest dis-ease.

Symptoms are natural way of telling us something is out of sync within our internal relationships and understanding about life and self.   Why then would we want to suppress them?   The ego wants to feel good and so suppresses its symptoms to maintain the illusion that it is ok when really it is not.  This merely postpones the healing rather than allowing it.   The only logical reason to lessen the symptoms (rather than ride them out, when they are too much to bear) is to take the edge off the discomfort to allow enough time and space to rest and tune in to, take responsibility for, and resolve the deeper underlying relationship issues.   But motive is different here; its to actually tune in and heal whereas the ego’s motive is just to be without pain without responsibility.

The emphasis on many aspects of modern medicine has become unfortunately the laboratory for the ego.  We as modern physicians, upon seeing symptoms within the bucket of the personality of our patients, try to steady the chemical composition of the contents of the bucket by adding some extra chemicals (i.e., a pill or band-aid treatment) in to maintain a faulty homeostasis (balance).  This often only adds more muck into the bucket and although it pacifies symptoms for a while, the underlying issues will ultimately surface once again because nothing underlying has really been acknowledged and cleared.   Some simple logic hear would clearly indicate that if a person was filled with a certain amount of both health and dis-ease (muck in the bucket of the personality) then, chemically keeping things balanced or masking the symptoms (without actually changing or clearing anything) is really just maintaining people in an unhealthy balanced state for longer time frame.  This explains why those with chronic health issues are often on medications for life – it’s maintaining them in a relatively balanced unhealthy state for longer without really healing anything.   Those that do the deeper healing work, in contrast, will often gradually come off their medication as they get healthier and their personalities become more self-sufficient.   True healing requires the pouring in of more health (clear water/energy – healthy spiritual, mental, emotional, energetic and physical nourishment) which flushes the muck, already accumulated from the past within, up to the surface.  The issue (or issues) come up to the consciousness, making the person clearing it aware of what it is that is clearing on the way out (fears, anxieties, worries, past memories and reactions patterns, etc – which may temporarily make things worse until it clears through) and then, once we allow it to pass through, it will clear leaving more health in the bucket of our personalities.

When the ego feels any of these supressed underlying patterns coming up, it instead interprets this as worsening and then off it runs to the medical practitioner to give him a pill or remedy and thus save him from ‘FEELING’ and thus recognising what is really going on beneath and heal.   He keeps the issue within and masks it in an attempt to feel better (i.e., have no symptoms) and avoid taking responsibility for his own internal life issues which have been accumulated and supressed since his journey through time and space began.

This is why I cringe when I see a T.V add where a fellow has a headache for example and then takes a pill to reduce symptoms of the headache so he can get back to immediately running around with his kids and enjoying his life.  It’s promoting ‘IGNORING OF THE REAL ISSUE’, rather than resolving it.  Well… the ego might be appeased but the real self underneath is ignored.   Why is he getting a headache? What inner and outer relationship imbalances are there which have set the stage for its manifestation?

The real self, manifests symptoms to tell the outer personality something is not right and to look within to work out what is out of sync with the inner healthy blueprint and to then deal with it and, what has the ego done?  It has supressed the symptoms (cut off the warning light) so a person can go about business as usual without having to learn or change anything.    Maybe the symptoms are there so the person does not run around and cause further long-term harm to his system.  Maybe it’s there to get him to take a break because he has been overworked and is not listening to his inner guidance system telling him to take a break.  Because he is not listening, maybe his own system has forced him to take a break by manifesting a headache – something which he actually needs perhaps to get back in sync.   Supressing this and getting on with ‘business as usual’ may actually be doing him more long-term harm (short term relief at the expense of long-term health).

Is it any wonder we have a world health crisis?   We are collectively not taking responsibility for our own issues and wanting someone else to save us.   Thus, we will believe anything that promises us a better life where we can just return to our ‘normal unhealthy lives’ without changing or healing anything.   We are so collectively ‘conditioned’ to run to others for help and ignore the warning signs within that we have completely forgot how to tune in and take responsibility for improving our own health.  We have literally forgotten who we are and what health actually ‘is’ and ‘means’ – especially in a holistic sense (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, energetically) due to emphasis on the physical body, physical life and physical medicine – i.e., a materialistic focus.

Psychological and chronic health issues are rampant despite advances in modern medicine.   We are living in a world of egos, supressing other ego’s, projecting and promoting things which supress health rather than to lift it and to not to educate people (except for a few exceptional individuals in all health professions) to become aware of our inner health and about the real underlying relationship issues beneath.   Dis-ease is a ‘state of consciousness’ where we are therefore (to some extent or another) attached to the ‘not self’ rather than the ‘true self’.

Healing is simply the regaining of a healthy balanced perspective.   As we do this, gradually at first but later more quickly as we grow in awareness and alignment with health and unity, become healthier.    It’s this simple.

From this discussion, is it starting to become a little clearer why we have chronic health issues? Why technology is not necessarily helping? And…why we have a pandemic?  It is a wakeup call to clear the ego and collectively get back in sync with our true selves.    THIS IS THE SOLUTION – TO RISE UP TO A HIGHER AND HEALTHIER STATE OF VIBRATION (something the negative forces do not want because they want to maintain the world as they want it – easily controlled and manipulated).   We need to rise above the storm clouds and bask in the light of the sun (the SON- our true healthy radiant selves).

Thinking we can run around believing that someone else will save us without doing any work on our part to become healthier in mind, body and spirit is both illogical and insane!  The healthy are likely to remain healthy with or without a vaccine for example because they are more in alignment with self.   They project healthy thoughts, feelings, energies and actions out into the world and so this is what they attract to them.     The unhealthy likewise will still be unhealthy with or without a vaccine and so will attract dis-ease (if not in one form, then another).  There is no escaping this process.

Only the ego thinks it can apply a materialistic solution (e.g., an experimental medication agenda and lock downs) to a materialistically created problem and expect it to work?   It will not!  What do we expect will happen if we keep operating from a lower 3-D egoic consciousness and refuse to grow in health and consciousness?  The pot is boiling and people are rising in energy and awareness and the forces that want it all the same are holding the lid on for as long as they can.    It’s rumbling and trembling because it’s going to blow.  It’s just a matter of whether we do this the easy way and allow it to lift naturally and smoothly or whether it is going to take some catastrophe to blow the lid off once and for all.    How is keeping everything the same (the muck in our buckets – individually and collectively) without learning how to tune in, build in and fill up to overflow with, healthier energies (on any level) gong to make any significant difference?

IT IS TIME WE ACKNOWLEDGED A HIGHER SOLUTION?  That of tuning in and building in more health and healthy life processes.  What is the future you want?

START WORKING TOWARDS WHAT YOU WANT WITH LOVE AND ENTHUSIAM and GIVE NO ENERGY TO THE PLANS OF EVIL MEN WHO WANT YOU TO DWELL ON A TOTALITATIAN FUTURE where all freedoms and joy is lost to sustain the lives of the elite few.     They understand that what you believe you will manifest and this is why they release a belief about the way it is going to go/be before it actually happens.  Then, peoples own insecurities and fears latch on to this and it winds them up into a panic or frenzy (fearful that unless they do what they are told then they will lose all rights and privileges) and lo and behold it actually comes to pass and comes back to them as it was preordained (and privileges are lost regardless).   We can’t get our minds off it unless we find some way to get back in sync with health and recenter ourselves – to regain a hold on our inner light (and steady ourselves once more at the helm) and trust it to guide us through the storm.   Stop feeding DIS-EASE and start feeding EASE-HEALTH.    Spread health instead of disease.  It’s just as catchy if we only tune into it, overflow with it and spread it!   Visualise everything working out to the best possible outcome for all inhabitants of earth and mother earth herself.      If we give the ego and its dictates no energy – we cannot feed the BEAST (of the lower ego) and it cannot grow strong.  Why? because the ego needs our attachment and energy to feed its illusion and keep it alive.   It can only get its energy from us (being detached from its inner source) and so it steals energy rather than shares energy.   Stop feeding it and feed instead a more altruistic future and it will come all the quicker.   We are not meant to go backwards but forwards.

  1. What are the tactics and mandates of our healthy true selves?

The mandates are simple; to promote health and well being and sustainable living for all.

To develop healthy WIN-WIN mutually beneficial relationships

How does the true self do this? It presents the whole truth (or as much of it as it is aware) so that people can make a true informed choice given all the evidence each individual has obtained so far and according to each person’s life experience.   The true self follows the COMMON (SENCE) Law of ‘Do no harm’ and ‘treat others with honesty and integrity’

It respects each person’s FREE WILL to decide what health and life choices to make, according to what is best for him-herself.    A good leader, in alignment with this inner true self, will PRESENT information, and encourage people to think about it and reason it through and to make decisions about what is right for them.   He or she will never resort to bullying, coercion or restriction of rights to push upon the people things of which he feels will benefit them.  This is especially the case in situations where the suggestions or medical treatment is experimental and it is not clear whether the short, or long-term risks outweigh the overall benefits.

This does not mean a good leader will let people get away with doing harm however.  Obviously, if someone starts running about stabbing other people with a knife a good leader will step in and take actions to minimise the harm.    Remember – it has to be a win-win outcome.   One could argue that to the criminal stabbing people its not a ‘win’ for him and the ego may argue that “because my motive is to stab people (perhaps as a statement of his inner discontent and insanity) and my motive has been thwarted by the intervention, then I have not won” but a moments reflection will clear up this flawed reasoning.   The ego is about win-lose, which really eventually is lose-lose because the ego never really wins in the end.  It always ends up in conflict and at some point – often when it encounters someone else owning their power and not yielding to its error (i.e., not feeding the illusion).   The ego will always come undone at some point, especially when victims stop allowing themselves to be abused-victimized and their life energies drained by it.   To the victimizer in this case, he is obviously causing harm and not respecting other people’s right to live.  Stopping him, together with perhaps educating him about healthier life philosophies and choices, will actually be good for his overall growth and development (should he choose to accept this advice with his own free choice) and thus satisfies the criteria of win-win for all concerned.

One could argue therefore that the only real loser is the human ego which itself is a creation (being that part of our consciousness attached to an illusion).  The real self and its interactions and relationships are always win-win orientated.  This does not mean we are not allowed to make mistakes however because mistakes are lessons that we can use to give us perspective about what is healthy and not healthy for us, within ourselves and in our interactions with others.    Remember I said that what we project out into the world gets reflected back.   A ‘WISE’ person will observe what comes back and also observe within his/her own mechanism to see what is remaining in sync within with health (ease, unity, balance and healthy function between component parts) and what is not and thus start to appreciate more clearly the relationship between the ‘true (eternal unified) self’ and the ‘not self’.

I also said earlier that the more in sync with the real self we are, the better will be our ability to recognise and defend against invaders (or anything which threatens to compromise this true self) – on any level, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, energetically and physically (reflected as this function is within the body as a healthy immune system).

The real self then is interested in the well-being of all; thus, a unity (in diversity) of function.  This means that each individual has the right to create a life for themselves in ever expanding creative ways.  They have the free will to explore and choose their own life path and make their own life and health choices.     This is how we learn.   Make good choices and it will manifest and a healthy body and in healthy relationships.   Make bad ones, and we create conflict, separation and unhealthy relationships, which will continue on until we make better health choices (maybe after the muck already accumulated in the buckets of the personality from the past come up and out in order to clear ????).

We can get problems therefore for two reasons.  1) because we are putting more muck in our buckets or 2) because we are clearing the muck we have already accumulated from the past – out.  Either way we will feel it.

Perfection brings imperfection to the surface and energy follows thought so how do we know therefore if we are getting healthier and not worse?

Here are some important clues.

If we are getting healthier and we train our minds/consciousness to pay attention to inner health, although we may feel ‘crap’ on the surface (as an issue, surfaces and detoxes), inwardly when we tune in and observe our inner HEALTH:DISEASE ratio, we will notice more inner WELL-BEING and (a higher percentage of) health or light.   It feels ‘GOOD’ within (GOD within with an extra ‘O’ for ‘O’ there really is a God within).   The relationships between all components of the whole being (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, energetically and physically – within each and between each) will feel more symmetrical, balanced, and with one harmonious quality of function-ease.

If we are getting worse and are putting more Dis-ease into our beings, we will feel like there is more muck (disease) in the bucket and less health.   Things will feel harder to tune into easily (Dis-ease), will be less symmetrical; all over the place maybe, off centre and im-balanced.  There will be altered texture (feeling) dependent upon the level involved.   For example, if physical – it will feel tense or puffy, boggy, taut, harder or softer than normal etc and the quality of relationships between component parts with be dysfunctional (not unified).   If emotional or mental – then there will also be altered texture, symmetry and flow – perhaps agitated, angry, depressed, anxious, fearful, scattered and reactive.  We may recall a past memories or have an experience perhaps what makes us feel uncomfortable.

A clue to what we are holding within and supressing perhaps is in how it ‘FEELS’ and the secret to healing it is to connect with it, without reaction, and to simply feel the experience and describe it, as would an artist painting a picture (matching words like colours to the experience to try express it as close as possible to how it actually is).  We should not try to interpret it, get caught in the reaction to it or try to justify it because this is engaging in conflict with the experience and not simply observing it – because this is labelling it according to what we want or don’t want it to be – which may merely be our fears and not actual facts.  We just notice and describe what we feel, without dialogue, like watching a scary movie right through until it is over without stopping the film and going nowhere just because its uncomfortable.   The TRUE SELF in other words notices the issue and lovingly surrounds it in health like a living ocean of light around an island or iceberg (of dis-ease) and waits.  We make health bigger than the issue, surround it, give it a big cuddle and help it feel supported and safe enough to stop reacting to, recognise and come to a balance point, respond and release (in its own time through recognition, not force).   I have talked about these four steps in another article.

The ego however, will always RE-ACT (and re-enact its tantrums over and over in an endless cycle).   It doesn’t like the memory, thought, feeling or sensation and in order to avoid dealing with it, it will either avoid it (omission so it’s ‘out of mind, out of sight’), deflect our awareness elsewhere (distraction, deflection) or to attack, justify or attribute blame upon the healthy areas/people; via verbal, physical or psychological attack or projection of blame for its feelings upon the healthier person for causing its discomfort – instead of taking ownership for them (instead misinterpreting the heathy person sending health as ‘diseased’ rather than realising its own viewpoints are diseased).

In other words – the healthy sender overflows health which, in the negative person stirs the muck with them to come to the surface.  This is then misinterpreted as the healthy person causing the egoic persons problems – essentially because it is not agreeing with its belief systems rather than accepting the fact that it is healthier.  Thus, the ego tries to thwart whomever is ‘perceived’ as disagreeing with its belief.    The ego wants to keep itself alive by avoiding the ‘feeling’ and so keeps us caught in our heads – brain and senses – so it misinterprets the situation and tries to avoid feeling it.  Head and heart remain separated and conflicted.   If we don’t look, we can’t connect (relate) and if we can’t connect, we can’t FEEL (the truth that it’s our issue), therefore we take no responsibility for our issues and maintain the illusion that everything is ok when it is not.

Another way of assessing if our decisions are healthy is to ask ourselves if the outcome is win-win ultimately for all.  i.e., is it good for us, the other person, the group, the nation and the planet (and work toward unity and healthy relationships for all).   If we can tick all these boxes then our decision is probably a healthy one.


In relation to current issues.  Think back on the preceding discussion and analyse your life to see from which perspective you are personally operating from.

Then, if we assess the mandates projected upon us by our governing bodies, ask ourselves, from which perspective are these governments coming from.   Are they leading from the lower ego or through the loving expression of the higher TRUE self?

Is what we are told, logical, follow common sense, respect the viewpoints and evidence of all experts, scientists, lawyers, medical specialists inclusively (not just a select few reinforcing one viewpoint at the expense of another) and does it follow the actual unbiased statistics and data and reflect the individual free will of the people to make conscious informed decisions, free of coercion and restriction of rights for having alternate viewpoints and health options.

For example, for people in alignment with health – according to statistics there is in all probability a 99 to 99.999999% chance they will be perfectly fine with no additional help after catching the virus and recovering with natural immunity alone (which we all know if more long lasting and adapts to any variant).  Can a vaccine promise any better statistics than this and if not, how can we justify mandating it for the whole population (especially healthy children) and restricting rights if this is not done?   Free choice has to be maintained.

Also – given what I have said above I could argue that health has ‘CLEARLY’ nothing to do with a vaccine.  Health actually has to do with how we live our lives and how in sync we are with our inner natural healthy selves and with nature.   It is about being what I call a decent (balanced) human being who has the well-being of everyone at heart; Healthy in self and in one’s relationships with life and others.   Dis-ease is not random.   One has to have an inner predisposition as well as outer exposure to even be affected.   If this were not so, then why do some people get sick and others not when exposed to sick people?  Or if they do get sick why do some get more effected than others? Speed of recovery has a lot to do with the level of inner health combined with an ability to learn the lessons which the illness brings.

Current mandates give the faulty impression that it is the vaccines that will make us healthy (and will protect us from dis-ease – and perhaps ‘supress symptoms’) and are trying to blame the unvaccinated for spreading disease and thus segregate society based upon an illusion and not the actual truth.   And people are believing this, are fearful and following the dictates of an illogical premise and as usual – taking no responsibility for their own health and dis-ease state – expecting others to protect them and not doing anything themselves to tune in and get their own being’s (ships-vehicles) in order.   Then we wonder why things are getting worse?  If we mow our lawns without pulling out any weeds then why should we be surprised when the weeds simply grow back?    This is pure logic and common sense.  If the cause is still present the effects will grow back (over and over) until the true cause is recognised and like weeds – removed and healthy seeds planted in their place.   Why should this be any different in our current health crisis?  So, why are the same mandates being given over and over? What is being done to actually lift health?

So – its time to wake up and start thinking things through for ourselves, to own our power, lift our energies to a healthier vibration and look after one another.   It’s time to say no (starve the dis-ease) to our lower ego’s and yes (feed the health) to our true healthy selves (individually and collectively).

The choice is up to us ????

Paul Turner