Holistic Articulatory Technique Workshop – 2 Days

This workshop can be made available for groups interested in enhancing their Articulation skills.

Learn how to make your ARTICULATION techniques more effective, eliminate guesswork and avoid errors and lack of understanding of what is really happening when applying Articulation

Articulation is a low velocity/moderate to high amplitude technique often used to improve range of mobility in joints BUT a focus on just joints or even range of motion in joints is but a small part of what we can really achieve with this technique.  It can be also used to restore relationships between other tissues, layers and organ systems of the whole person as well as to include relaionahips between health and disease, and between spiritual, energetic, mental and emotional issues and their physical manifestation, and other links.

Improving Range of motion should not be the primary focus for any treatment because secondary range improvements come naturally after primary QUALITY improvements are resolved.  Although range may be limited, this does not tell us why range is limited.

The WHY comes from Looking at FUNCTIONAL RELATIONSHIPS and relationships are evaluated via the QUALITY of articulation (or communication) between them (function) – not the range of motion in itself.  Range may be limited but quality, Ok and thus focusing on Range is a secondary distraction, not a primary concern.

The “WHY” also comes from an understanding of the underlying PATTERNS of DYS-FUNCTION setting up the symptomatic tissues and not by focusing on symptomatic tissues themselves?  Understand these patterns of relationship and success with articulation or any treatment will improve dramatically.

Thus, Articulation’s true value – when utilised with AWARENESS of what is really going on in the body, is to improve the QUALITY of RELATIONSHIPS between the various tissues and organs of the body. 

This is what is explored in this Workshop.  We will look at how we can better understand the PRIMARY RELATIONSHIPS in need of attention within the human body and then, explore the principles and concepts we need to keep in mind in order to make the application of our technique and treatments more affective in restoring health and wellbeing to the whole.

When performed with AWARENESS it can help improve functional relationships between the following:

1)       Any Two AREAS of the Whole (often between Primary and secondary areas of dysfunction)

2)       Any two components, tissues or layers of the whole, and more importantly

3)       Between HEALTHY Areas/Tissues and UN-HEALTHY Areas/Tissues

Some of the concepts we will be exploring are?

  • What is HEALTH and Dis-ease
  • Clues to TRUE Dysfunction (A.R.T.)
  • Primary and Secondary dysfunctions
  • Issues with a focus on pain and Range
  • Motion testing – exploring QUALITY and RELATIONSHIPS
  • Finding the EDGES of the Dysfunction pattern, Finding Health, treating with an awareness of both
  • Treating relationships between regions, tissues and layers, working from a balanced point of contact (with awareness of the whole)
  • Modifying techniques to address key components
  • Regional Articulations for the entire upper (covered in Day 1) and lower body (covered in Day 2)

DATES & TIMES: This workshop will be run on demand for interested groups.  Contact Paul to show expressions of interest.



CONTACT: 0417 110 755

Numbers are limited to 10 so Contact Paul (email or phone) to obtain a registration form and book a place.  If you have any questions regarding workshops, please contact Paul.

NOTE: Inquiries for larger groups (if you have an alternate venue) or alternate dates welcome