Welcome – Included here will be updates on any online courses I have published.

NOTICE: I need to update the platform for these resources and so currently new users will not be able to access the practitioner courses.  I will let you know when I have everything up and running again.

I have two educational streams available:

1) Courses for Manual Therapists and Health Practitioners (to Improve Holistic Assessment, Treatment &  Integration Skills)

2) Courses on Self-healing, Self-Development & Meditation (for anyone interested in learning about, developing and healing the multidimensional self)



A) The ART of Listening to the Body: Holistic Assessment, Treatment & Rehabilitation


B) Holistic Articulation Technique (Relationship Articulation)

Contents: 1. Definitions, goal and holistic principles 2. Motion testing tips (the importance ot QUALITY)  3. General assessment ideas (finding what is happening behind the scenes) 4. Holistic treatment applications (concepts that will make any technique more effective)

C) Muscle Energy Technique with Holistic Applications

Contents: 1. Holistic MET, principles and discussion 2. Example assessment Thoracic & Lumbar regions 3. Clock exercise principle (SIJ) 4. MET to ilio-psoas (hip) 4. MET to shoulder girdle with clock principle 5. Example MET to spine.


NOTE: I have updated the self-healing course in to ONE COURSE with 5 modules.  This is a complete package now which if you take is slow and let the information build in, should take about 13-15 weeks to finish.  Cost is $120 (GST included) at present with 15 hours of material.  So for the cost of 1 and a half (one on one) treatments you will get about 14 weeks of self-healing and self-treatment (depending on how quick you work through it)after which you should technically have learn a few tricks about healing and how to work through internal issues to arrive at greater health.    But – give it time and don’t rush.  You can’t make yourself heal any quicker than its natural rate.    You can however learn to recognise and release impediments which will allow healing at a more optimal rate.  Then things can unfold naturally and healthily and time is allowed to iron out the issues interfering with your health.   You have a ALLOW it to happen Naturally and Safely – not force it.

This course will at least help from within out.(healing the self in time and space of past issues and inner psychological issues and impediments – which all play a huge role in our healing journey.    I plan to run some live workshops on all of this in the future also.  Of course – the other half of the picture is to look at external things we can do to also support our healing – such as correct postural , breathing, exercise and walking technique, control, stretching, strengthening and endurance  exercises, etc – on which I also will run some future workshops on.  So if you look at both internal and external factors (including other external influences such as diet, relationships with others, equipment, and more) then you really are doing everything you can to improve health and well being.

FEED the Health and health should become stronger.

I’ll keep you posted on these future workshops as they become available

The Direct Link is: https://paulturner.freshlearn.com/home

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A.  How to Manifest your Healthy Self: A Journey of Self-Healing 

The A.B.C. of self-healing. We cover all you need to know to help restore healthy relationships within all layers and dimensions of ‘self’ and form healthy relationships with others.

What do we cover?

There are 5 Modules in this Course covering approximately 15 Hours of Material (6 ½ hours of Theory and 8 ½ Hours of practical exercises) plus additional reading material/course notes.

·      Module 1: Preparing the Mind: Preliminary Steps for Successful Self-Healing

a)    The fundamentals of Healing (30 minutes)

b)    Visualisation as a tool in Healing (20 minutes)

·      Module 2: The Energy Centres

a)    The Energy Centres – Discussion (1 hour 16 minutes)

b)    Three Energy Centre Visualisation Exercises (2 hours 6 minutes)

·      Module 3: Dimensions of Self

a)    The Dimensions of Self – Discussion (1 hour 1 minute)

b)    Two Visualisation Exercises on Dimensions (58 minutes)

·      Module 4: Healing Through Time and Forms

a)    Forms – Discussion (1 hour 3 minutes)

b)    Healing Through Time – Discussion (58 minutes)

c)    Three Visualisation Exercises on Time & Forms (2 hours 17 minutes)

·      Module 5: Healing Relationships

a)    Healing Relationships – Discussion (1 hour 11 minutes)

b)    The Healing Triangle – Discussion (17 minutes)

c)    Six Healing Exercises on Relationships (3 hours 12 minutes)

d)    Concluding Remarks and Links to Additional Resources

I hope you find this information both educational and useful, Paul Turner