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Multidimensional Healing Workshop – 6 Days

Full Course: (Using the mind & cranio-sacral therapy as diagnostic tools)

Set Text: Bridging the Gap in Health Care 2 – Multidimensional Assessment

This workshop takes traditional assessment and treatment to a much deeper level utilising the inherent self-healing potential and life energies within in order to help restore health and function to the whole person.

By the end of this course you should have a basic understanding of how to:

  • Assess and treat multi-dimensionally using the mind as a tool
  • Identify areas of health and A.R.T/patterns of dysfunction within the whole being
  • Listen to the body’s self-healing mechanisms and treat from health
  • Use Cranio-Sacral Therapy as a tool to treat wholistically
  • Self-heal through awareness and visualisation
  • Integrate mechanical and bio-energetic methods

DAY 1: Begins with an introduction to the different modalities of healing. We then explore wholistic concepts, the energy centres and their influence on the physical mechanism and the use of our major diagnostic tools (the mind and the senses) in order to uncover bio-dynamic/multidimensional areas of health and of A.R.T. We then discuss the principles of cranio-sacral therapy and its traditional application to human anatomy and physiology. The day finishes with a practical session on feeling inherent motion and treating from health.  We also explore the concept of treating in the moment and self-healing while we treat.

DAY 2: Continues our exploration of the energy centres, self-healing and the practical application of cranio-sacral theory to the cranial base and sacrum. Again we finish with a practical session on treating our findings from health.

DAY 3: We begin to explore the many dimensions of being with self healing exercises (from health). We also continue our practical application of cranio-sacral theory to the cranial vault, the face and other systems of the body. Final practical session is to treat from health.

DAY 4: Continues with self-healing exercises. We also focus on integrating traditional (physical) examination procedures with biodynamic and cranio-sacral methods of examination. We explore observation, palpation and motion testing from without and within and explore treatment processes.

DAY 5: Continues our examination of the multi-dimensional aspects of a person’s nature (spiritual, mental, emotional and energetic, etc).

We will explore;

  1. Time as a component in healing
  2. The various rhythms (inherent motions) that may express themselves during the healing process
  3. Ray energies and
  4. Forms (mental, emotional, etc) and their impact upon the human body.

DAY 6: This day is designed to integrate all of the information experienced throughout the course.  We will explore

a)     The WHOLE and its manifestation in TIME and SPACE – this includes uncovering the co-ordinates of health and dis-ease in time and space

b)    Relationships (between the various components within the self, between the self and others in our environment and between the self and the whole)

c)     The Laws of healing.  We will also discuss any other concepts the group wishes to explore.

The course is designed to explore each component of the whole through discussion, self healing exercises and practical sessions. It helps to train our minds to understand what it is we are experiencing with our senses (and thus to experience, acknowledge and express the co-ordinates of health and dis-ease). Finally, it helps us to understand the best place, in treatment, from which to witness and maximally support the self healing mechanisms in their work of re-establishing health to the whole person.

(Note on ART: A= Asymmetry, R= Range of motion (i.e. Quality) abnormality, T= Tissue texture change).

DATES & TIMES: 9:00 am – 5:30 pm (a.m & p.m tea provided).


COST: $770.00

You will also need to purchase a copy of “Bridging the Gap 2 – Multidimensional Assessment” as a required text ($40.00), if you don’t have one already.

VENUE: 47 Silverton Drive, Ferntree Gully, Victoria 3156

CONTACT: 0417 110 755

Numbers are limited to 10 so Contact Paul (email or phone) to obtain a registration form and book a place.  If you have any questions regarding workshops, please contact Paul.

NOTE: Inquiries for larger groups (if you have an alternate venue) or alternate dates welcome.

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