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Nature Re-balancing (& healing meditation on the caronavirus)

Nature Rebalancing

A friend and I were discussing, the other day, all the crazy happenings that have been occurring lately on the planet and what from an inner spiritual and psychological (and universal) angle it could all represent?

Personally, I see the planet as a living entity, as are you and I, so it got me contemplating the significance of certain events on the planet, Specifically, the fires in Australia and the Coronavirus in China not only from a human perspective but also from the perspective of mother nature.  What is the significance of these events from a more holistic global angle? What challenges does it bring to humanity as a whole in terms of greater awareness, growth and development?

The planet (Nature), like us, functions best when in harmony and balance.  In a harmonious state we are healthy, flowing, balanced.  If we cut our finger for example, then the wound will heal in an optimal time frame providing there are no impediments to the natural healing process (interfering).

It’s the impediments to the natural healing process that create disease (created within ourselves through our attachments to things within that resist healthy energies, thoughts feelings and actions, rather than allowing and developing them) not nature itself which works through cyclic change, ebbing and flowing in synchronicity with the universal breath of life.  We create these impediments because we, in our ignorance, think we know better than nature (natural law) how to live our lives.  Humanity in many ways (at their unconscious worst) are like a cancer spreading over the planet, eating (consuming) up all the natural resources, hording them, confining them (even synthetically modifying them perhaps), controlling and trapping them for the benefit of the few and the exclusion of the many.

If we block the natural flow (through overuse, misuse, abuse or otherwise confining this flow), it is inevitable we will create disease yet many of us do not even know we are doing so, caught up as we are in the world of distraction and illusion.  It sometimes takes a natural catastrophe of some sort to wake us up to the true values in life and to shake us out of our complacency, isolation, fears, our materialistic hording of and the non-sharing our natural resources.

Healthy qualities and natural resources are meant to be shared – to uplift and support life, not to be misused and abused.  Yet as attached to dis-ease (wrong thinking, feeling and being) as we are, humanity also has within them an enormous capacity for a healthy creative life and for the sharing of natural resources – love, light, healing, compassion, understanding, respecting free will and so on.  The easiest things we can share for example are love, health, truth, wisdom and, if we had even a little of these qualities the sharing of physical resources also would be a very natural and easy thing to do.   The natural healthy intelligence within us supports us by arranging our inner energies and forces in such a way as to support the resolution of an issue; not towards greater harm.    Nature (like health) constantly renews itself and creates new growth out of the old. The whole system looks after all the smaller units that make up its totality such that all parts of the system are flowing, balanced and harmonious with one another.  All parts of the system work in synchronicity for the greater good of the whole.

These are the thoughts that flow through my consciousness as I contemplate events unfolding on the planet.

When I meditated on the fires in Australia, the feeling was one of nature simply re-balancing.  Fire is a symbol of purification.   It felt quite cleansing and positive from the perspective of the growth and development it would bring.   It seems to have shifted people out of their complacency and has brought out a spirit of goodwill and sharing and caring from the wider community.   Everyone has literally been forced to step in and help.  It seems to be reminding people that sharing and caring is important to bring people together in the spirit of cooperation.   Its feels nice to know for example that no matter what happens, people will step in to help to care and look after us.

A catastrophe therefore is not always a bad thing if growth and positive charge come out of it.    It’s really reflective of nature re-organising her energies and forces and directing them to areas of imbalance in order to heal some disturbance.   This is what our own bodies do when we have a disturbance.  We realise the disturbance is creating disharmony and so we put a stop to it.  We spread health instead of dis-ease.

Nature is just trying to remind us that we are perhaps not living in synchronicity and perhaps we need to re-synchronise ourselves once more with healthier viewpoints, to channel our energies and forces in the direction of overflowing health, sharing and caring.

It’s as if nature is saying – I am not going to let myself be abused any longer and so I am going to own my power and stand up.   You either get in sync with a healthier viewpoint or you can go down with the ship, so to speak.

In response to our collective acceptance of dis-ease and rejection of health (the healthier option) nature then has to accommodate our unhealthy thoughts, decisions and actions (if we are collectively out of synchronicity) and work towards greater balance.

Yet we have the arrogance to blame nature for causing us distress and to totally miss the message that we are not perhaps treating her right (or each other because we are all a part of nature).   How dare mother nature to stop us from abusing her resources!   Thus, we fail to learn the lesson and grow from the experience and never realise that in the long run this event has actually helped us and not hindered us (from a more holistic loving caring perspective).

Feed the health – get healthier.  Feed the dis-ease and end up suffering more dis-ease.  It’s that simple.   But mankind tries to compensate for dis-ease or subdue it rather than see it all as a sign that we are perhaps not on the right track (now or in the past).    The right track is ‘common sense’ if only we tapped in to this.  It results in Win-Win situations.  It looks after one another.   It has EVERYONE’S best interests at heart but it is steadfast and unyielding against error and abuse (as will often happen with win-lose, victor-victim, or lose-win mentalities.

The material world has got us so entrenched with money (more and more at all costs no matter who has to lose to get us there) and business model, to the extent that the true values of sharing and caring has all but been forgotten, except by the very few who can maintain their human and natural integrity.

Enter in the fires.  What have the government and people had to do as a result? To share and help!  Natural qualities that shouldn’t need incentives in order to motivate us to help.

Now…most people probably do have good values and want to help but often it’s the powers that be, the ones controlling the show however that seem to forget this.  It’s all about progress and making more, more, more, etc.   Well…this inevitably results in more (temporarily) by the few to the detriment of the many who cannot compete to keep up.   More control by powers that be.  Less individual free will, more stifled creativity, too much overwhelming pressure just to stay on track, and finally no hope – it’s all too hard.  The powers that control the show are happy.  The economy seems to be growing (more money) yet more is taken from it and very little is put back in.  More work has to be done just to keep up for our personal resources not be drained and there is more stress.  No one has any time or money to bother caring and helping anyone else because they have enough on their plate just to survive themselves.

The result is the rise of materialism at the sacrifice of hope, brotherhood and sanity.

Note: I say more ‘temporarily’ because as we are discussing, what goes around tends to come around.    Universal law states that we need to give to have and that when we take, we inevitably take only from ourselves with the result that we eventually become depleted of the very life energy we desire to have and hoard for selfish material gain.

Something drastic needs often to be done to get people out of this rut.

Enter in ‘Nature re-balancing herself’.  Her body is inflamed and irritated.  The delicate balance is upset and so, naturally she wants to purify and sweep away hindrances; flush and sweep resistances away with floods, purge impurities, stagnation and corruption by fire, air out foggy and congested places (such as the mind) with wind etc.

This will happen to some degree naturally with nature to clear the old and rebuild the new – cyclically and according to natural law.  But – it happens a lot more frequently when we (humanity) upset the balance and interfere with natural laws and processes.

Dropping a bomb for example on one side of the planet has reverberations on the other in the same way that a sprained ankle in one limb will create counterbalancing effects (extra load) on the other.    The ignorant only see what is in front of their noses and because of a limited view can’t possibly imagine that such an act can have any effect on the other side of the planet.   This is what often happens in any person with limited consciousness.  He doesn’t realise the chaos it causes to all around him (i.e. in anything outside of his awareness).

One difficult individual thus creates conflict in every relationship that he comes into contact with – yet he can’t see it.   Bad decisions by a few unconscious people with so called (ignorant and short sighted) control and suddenly a greater proportion of the whole human population under their care suffer because they are swept up in corrupt or a less than ideal material system and do not know how to escape it and/or work through it, with their integrity intact.  This is assuming that they are even aware that they are swept up in a faulty non supportive system (or perhaps provides “support – with a price tag attached”).   This, unfortunately, is the limited human nature of things.

For example – damming up rivers (out of sync with nature) to keep water for use of a few (who can then charge the many a hefty fee for the privilege of its use) may just have a long term effect of the wildlife and plant life that needs that natural resource for its long term sustenance or to maintain life in a delicate balanced ecosystem necessarily for life to thrive.    We need to make sure we are not taking from some elements of life, to the detriment of those elements, just to fulfil our personal wants (lose-win).  It’s all about awareness and balance.

Everything needs to be looked after or eventually something will happen to restore this balance.   There is over-activity (excess), under-activity (lack) and then there is balanced activity.   It’s balance we need, both within our own being and in nature.  When it is not there, corrective activity is needed to address the cause and not just to pacify the effects to maintain the illusion that everything is ok when it is really not.

Think of a cup of water.  If we fill up this cup from the water source until its full and then dam up the overflow, then this water cannot flow onto others naturally.   The water in the cup is bottled up and is no longer flowing.  So, anyone along the path of that overflow go without.  Effects = dis-eases of depletion, undernourishment, lack of energy etc.   To the person bottling up the water (energy) this opens them up to dis-eases of stagnation and congestion; perhaps setting the stage for infestation and infection to thrive or to holding trapped energy which attracts extra matter and thus we get issues mutation and/or masses growing.

If we allow our cups to fill and then overflow onto others then they also can fill up, which heals the diseases of depletion and prevents in us, diseases of congestion and stagnation.    As we empty, we naturally fill as long and we are open to filling and open to sharing (win-win).   In terms of energies (spiritual, mental, emotional, energetic etc) this overflow can always be continuously occurring if we know how.  But physically overflow may have to be packaged and transported via channels (of our own creation – in synchronicity with nature) to other parts of the planet where there is a need.  Any excess goes back ion to the central reservoir for all to use if needed.   In this way does life ebb and flow naturally.

Common sense, yes!

We can be a part of this but it cannot happen at all if resources are not shared at all.

On the opposite side of the spectrum if we have not enough water in our own glass to sustain ourselves (e.g. perhaps we are not as a country producing resources which can sustain our own country first) then we need to correct this so we can get to overflowing and then share the overflow.

If we are not overflowing and we give all our resources to another country (via exports) then we are depleting ourselves (lose-win) even though we may be helping the other country.   In this case it’s like giving the small portion of water in our glasses away and forgetting to set things up so we can receive and fill up with more.  Then we suffer dis-eases of depletion (and open ourselves up to issues of abuse).

If we remember to fill up ourselves, we will overflow into our family, our community and then into larger and larger circles naturally.

All energy is borrowed – we need only to fill up with it and overflow it back out.  Like breathing ‘in’ and then ‘out’ the air that again merely passes through us.   This air, water, life energy – whatever we can’t to call it is meant to pass through us and is neither ours to take or give away.  It merely passes through and overflows in various forms to other forms who may benefit from it.   What would happen if we breathed in and not out, or out but not in.   It’s not complementary with life!   Yet we do this in our interactions with others every day through win-lose or lose-win interactions.  Life is all Its all about balanced relationships.  When we get this right – we have mastered life and have become ‘a decent human being, community, nation, etc’.

If we take the energy in, build it in to our being, expand our awareness and consciousness and use it wisely to build in healthy qualities (like love, truth, compassion, understanding, adaptability etc) then we will naturally fill with more.  Our glass will then become a bigger glass, able to hold more health.  But if we do not use this energy wisely: i.e. we misuse it, disperse it wastefully, abuse it or put it to other nefarious or selfish ends then this block the natural healthy flow – this means we are twisting the energy that flows into us and bending it to selfish interests.

Health only flows to health so if we don’t use what we have we can’t fill up with any more.  That’s its conditions and that’s natural law (e.g. conservation and economy of energy).  Health only knows health because it doesn’t register disease in any form.  If it did it would not be health.   Dis-ease happens because we forget our life source (one with health) and thus cut ourselves off from it.  Although it is always there when and if we chose to connect with it again.  It’s like there is a one-way valve on the tap which allows energy through (to fill our personal cups) if it is used wisely and seals it off if not.   It is blocked because we block it from our end – not the other way around.  This will inevitably lead to dis-ease.  Then, if this is all ‘not conscious’, we wonder why things start to go wrong.

So…if natural resources (physically) are overflowing by all means store it up, transport it and share it with those in need elsewhere where there is not an abundance of that resource.   But we shouldn’t block the flow or others will go without altogether.  If our own cup is not full then learn to fill.  We fill with health– then we overflow.  I.e. the environment should be filled, looked after and nourished first and then it produces more abundance to overflow for all.

When we stand up to a terrorist for example, the terrorist obviously doesn’t like it because he doesn’t want to let go of his reactive, destructive belief system.  Yet we know that it’s the right thing to do to not let the reign of terror continue or everyone ultimately suffers.   If the faulty belief system of dis-ease is believed as real then dis-ease (in whatever form it takes) takes over and thrives (until it depletes itself and has to learn to breath in health once again to survive).

Yet – When nature tries to re-balance herself and wake us up to our own materialism, ignorance and stupidity we think she is the terrorist.   If we really think about nature being a terrorist – the shear ridiculousness of this statement becomes apparent.  It makes no sense.  Nature just wants to flow and evolve, not to become stagnant and blocked.  Far better to assume we are the terrorists and to be open to the possibility that perhaps we are getting a much-needed wake-up call to get back on track.  This doesn’t mean of course we are bad people – just that we may not, speaking of humanity and its governing principles, be looking at things from a healthy balanced viewpoint as yet.

The wake-up call is very simply – look after one another and the environment.   Improve yourselves and your relationships and you will automatically improve the world.

And – of course remember the life source so we can remember to fill and overflow with health.

In the absence of intelligence this cannot occur.   Man takes hundreds of thousands of years to create a flourishing community in harmony with nature with intelligent guidance yet it all comes crumbling down in an instance in the absence of intelligence when those guiding do not look out for one another and rule through selfishness, greed and materialism.   Nature must then be intelligent because in the absence of mankind its constantly evolving.

This brings us to the corona virus.

Healing meditation for coronavirus

To me…Meditating on this I felt this to be very different from the fires (i.e. creating more fear and separation than unity).   The energy of this virus and its causes feels very ‘man made’ and is a result of man’s selfishness, control, ignorance and misuse of natural forces.   This may or may not be in the literal physical sense but it certainly felt like it is in relation to the imbalances I have been talking about above.   To me when I thought about it I got the immediate impression of a dark billowing blackish-grey, smoky donut shaped cloud, hollower or indented in the middle from its origin point, flatter top to bottom and spreading out to the sides expanding its edges to en-cloud and envelope more and more people, who could be seen caught up in the cloud and were trying to escape it by running outward and away.  The whole cloud had a very material and heavy quality, thick and full of fear, control, despair and so on.   Basically, there was lot of fear attached to it.  It was all rather doomy and gloomy to think about and seemed that little could be done about it.

Then I asked – just to see what happened – for a solution, fully expecting nothing to happen.   However, much to my surprise I received a very clear image of a solution that for all intents and purposes felt so simple that no one for a moment would ever take it seriously.   This is why I have spent a good deal of my previous discussion talking about nature and her attempts to guide us into a healthier way of living.   I needed to provide some background understanding to render this image more meaningful.   In this context the solution is simple but extremely profound if we truly explore it.

I will let you make your own minds up but I will say that as soon as I realised the simplicity of the solution all the worry and fear went immediately away and I could feel the imagery of it all having a positive effect, not just within me but potentially upon the whole planet.   It could be used simply as a symbol of hope but I also may be a good image for people to meditate upon and see for themselves if it has an uplifting effect or not.   There is really nothing to be lost in the trying and It really is a symbol of hope and a step towards the light symbolically and literally speaking and thus a step towards a holistic long-term solution.

When I asked for a solution, I followed much the same approach as I do with any client presenting for healing.   I kept an open mind to the multidimensional aspects of the situation, in this case, humanity.  In this imagery, man has multidimensional aspects to his/her being starting from the divine levels and working through spirit, intuition, mind, emotion, energies and eventually expressing in the physical body.   The dis-ease in my meditation felt very material – more energetic/physical but this was more an effect causes and the resultant fear, despair and hopelessness on mental/emotional levels.

The cloud and the people within it were scrambling about within it looking horizontally for a solution or of escape.   But the cloud was expanding outwards (note – not upwards) and there was nowhere to run horizontally for a solution.  I felt this to mean that those in power will probably try to find a material solution to this issue, probably creating some vaccine or something of such nature and then the worry is that they will likely enforce it upon the masses as a preventative measure whether people want it or not (thus suppressing peoples free will even more and promoting more fear in people that if they don’t take it they will suffer more – which is not necessarily correct in light of comments I made in my previous discussions above.   To me it felt like nothing material will work long term because the issue itself is a result of mans immersion in the material world and is a result of living a horizontally focused life, with little awareness of higher energies and forces.

Again, going back to our main discussion.   If human beings try to dodge and weave and create any solution that doesn’t address the oppression of the human spirit then it is doomed to failure.   Nature will just have to adapt and bring to us our lessons in a new form until we stop compensating and do pay attention.    We cannot use fear to enforce solutions any more than we can give a person a pill to remove stupidity.  Running away horizontally will not work because humanity needs to look within and up (and care for one another through love).

The image which immediately appeared for me was a beautiful radiant healthy light.  We need to lift our health and fill with more love, light, health and unity.   This light did not appear on the physical level or even on the psychological level or anywhere within the material plane.  It appeared in the centre vertically over the origin point of the cloud but on the counterbalancing highest plane.   I have attempted to symbolically draw it for you (see above).

As soon as this connection was made between the divine and the physical via the centre, I could feel its light immediately start to flood down and flush out the heavy inertia of the dis-ease in the cloud below.  Once noticed, the attention of those stuck in the cloud or trying to escape was lifted simultaneously in and up to a higher level.    This is a bit like flying up in an aeroplane to a higher level where we rise above the clouds and suddenly feel a little less affected by them or their effects upon the earth below.   Rising to a higher level of love, light and inspiration can thus help us maintain a healthier level of being where dis-ease can have no lasting effect upon us – simply because we are less attached to it and can see it more clearly for what it is (i.e. not part of our healthy natural state).

Thus, the solution is to connect in and up with the divine central sun and allow its healthy influence to work back down and clear (the inertia, fear despair etc in) our minds emotions, energies and bodies to replace dis-ease with health.  If we allow the inner light/health to enter our doubts and fears it can help consume dis-ease and replace it with ease.   In this way we can connect with and fill (our cups) with health and overflow onto others to spread health instead of dis-ease.  To unify and share our natural healthy inner resources with each other and then overflow it back out into nature any excess such that all life can benefit.

This is the meditative imagery to me.  You can choose to use it however you will but I suggest you give it a go.   Sit with the imagery until you feel that the higher light has completely blended with the lower fears and worries and transmuted them and everything feels once more at peace.   If fears and worries come up as part of the meditation then simple include these fears and worries in the cloud, give them none of your personal energies and let the light from above to flow down like a sea of liquid light and melt away all worries.    Finish therefore only when the turbulence has settled and everything feels at peace, ebbing and flowing with a healthier breath of life.

If nothing more, this image provides a beautiful symbol you can hold into instead of being consumed with fear and worry about the dis-ease itself.  It may just offer some positive help.


Paul Turner (www.turnerpublications.com)


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