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NEW: The Art of Listening to the Body: Holistic Assessment, Treatment & Rehabilitation – ONLINE COURSE

This is an easy to follow online guide to integrate Holistic and biomedical approaches, understand the bigger picture and gain valuable insight to help improve management of patients with complicated and chronic health issues. (I’ve converted my DVD’s and Manual to an online course for easier accessibility and upgraded it with additional resources – enjoy!)

This Online Course Package Includes;

  • 16 hours of video footage (comprising 11 sections, 15 lectures & lesson plans-guidelines)

  • 1 x 195 page Book with complete written notes corresponding to each video section

  • 16 additional handouts (summary sheets, extra articles, links to other research resources etc)

  • 11 Quizzes to reinforce your learning.

What will you achieve by the end of this course?

1) Better assessment Skills (i.e improved Observation and palpation skills and the using of these skills to find primary problem patterns interfering with healing of the whole person)

2) Better integration skills and understanding of how all of the findings within the bigger picture fits together (e.g. in understanding relationships between findings and improved anatomical reasoning in relation to patients presenting with chronic conditions)

3) Improved treatment and rehabilitation skills (due to being aware of when and where to apply theses skills and how to apply these skills with awareness of body needs and under the guidance of the self healing mechanisms)

4) better understanding of how to assess and manage patients with chronic health issues

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Note: BTG 1 & 2 (New Covers and size 6 x 9) are now professionally published by BALBOA PRESS. Orders for these books can also now be processed directly from their website store (in U.S dollars) via the following Link (or see options in “LINKS”)

Link: Balboa Press for BTG1 & 2 (soft cover)

You may have to type in my name in search to find them (eBook may also be available although I can’t seem to access these).

New Recommended Retail Price in Australia (due to printing outside the U.S.) will be $21.99 for BTG1 and $40.99 for BTG2

Other Bookstore links – Amazon: BTG1 OR BTG2 (with a review)