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Self and World Healing Triangle Meditation

Self and World Healing Triangle Meditation

Hi All.  Last year I ran a world healing triangle meditation event fortnightly to help people stay balanced and empowered throughout the current crisis.  I may run this again if needed at a later date but Meanwhile, all the information related to this exercise can be found below, including a video of one of the meditations for people to try for themselves at home.  

the Goals are to;

  • Empower ourselves (to lift our positive energies and support one another energetically instead of feeling helpless)

  • Clear our energies of our own negativity (mentally, emotionally and energetically, e.g. of fear, worry, doubt and anxiety)

  • To stand firm in our own healthy energies and not take on negative projections and selfish manipulations from others

  • Enhance healing and the building of healthy (win-win) relationships within the self, humanity and the planet.

Essentially this meditation is designed to help ‘feed the flower of health and starve the weed of disease’ in ourselves and humanity.


1. Click here to watch VIDEO INTRODUCTION (Please watch to familiarise self with the theory)

2.  CLICK HERE FOR LINK TO ARTICLE ON HOW TO GET MORE OUT OF MY MEDITATIONS (i.e. explains why I go fast enough to not get stuck but slow enough to pay attention to what you feel)

3. Visualisation as a tool to healing (if want to get an idea of how to use the imagination to tap into the intuition prior to the event) – click here 

4. Click Here to watch an actual video of the meditation (from the first session) for anyone who wants to give it a go.

I have also put the original article and video on linked in: Click here to view.



Because we will only have a limited time for our meditation, I am sharing some preliminary thoughts to help prepare people for a more loving, caring and sharing meditation; to try to highlight the idea that we want to share the health within us with the health within in others (regardless of how they treat us) and that anything else (negative energies) will be dissolved, leaving only healthy loving connections remaining. To describe this process is very important and can take some time. I hope you enjoy the following discussion.

Everything is ENERGY.

ENERGY can be used a) wisely (constructively and selflessly for the good of all, win-win) or b) unwisely (selfishly) in that this same energy is misused or abused (win-lose or really lose-lose in the long run for to hurt others ultimately only hurts ourselves).

It is our CHOICE which of these two expressions we chose to practice and express.

If we use our life energies in harmony with the ideal (health, truth, love, etc) we will create healthy balance, function and ease. If we abuse or misuse it, we will create im-balance, dys-function and dis-ease!

Either health or disease can be shared but whereas health will only enhance and empower the health within ourselves and others, disease will dis-empower us, if we allow it to be taken on board (by also believing in it – thus feeding it rather than starving it of the energy it needs to survive).

Disease technically is therefore is an illusion we are attached to, keeping us (i.e. our separative ego) from being our natural healthy (individualised) selves, for as long as we continue to believe in it.

Health (a property of our real selves) is shared or presented but never forced. It allows people the free will to accept it and build it in or not (at a time and place of their choosing). The separate EGO attached to the illusion of Dis-ease does not respect this free will to choose. It tries to force, coerce, bully impose, and manipulate others into believing in its agenda’s (whether there is some truth in it or not because even a truth – when we are rigidly attached to it – we cannot impose on others against their free will to accept or not and in this case the illusion is the forcing of the truth rather than the simple unconditional presentation of it) and gets quite upset and aggressive if people do not choose to accept it’s dictates unquestionably (preferring to censor others expressing truth because it is really unready as yet to contemplate it and thus become more responsible).

A story might illustrate this better. Let us say I am a worker in a (Holistic) company and the boss (called “Optimal Health’) gives me a task to perform which will be of benefit to everyone in the company and the population in general, should I rise to the task and conduct it effectively. The task appears in the form of a collection of papers on my desk outlining my responsibilities (purpose, lesson, challenge, experience etc that I need to perform and master in order to perfect understanding of life a little more). If I am responsible, I will own this task, perform it and master it and play my part for the collective good of the company (i.e. the whole).

If I am lazy and not response-able (refusing to listen to my inner most convictions and intuitive promptings to do the right thing and take ownership) then I may try to palm this task off on someone else (let’s say onto you). i.e. I lay it (project it) on your desk and try to convince you it is your job to do, not mine and to make you feel bad (playing the guilt trick) about it perhaps, if you do not. If you own your power (by realising it is not your task) and say “no, that’s not mine” and tell me so, then I am not going to like it. I may even get quite annoyed and do my best to persuade you that it is in your best interests to do, and even get quite angry and aggressive with you if you keep out-rightly refusing (and may even try to censor your viewpoint reasonably reminding me of my responsibilities).

Note: the task described here is a healthy one that I am not being responsible for but which I am projecting onto others to perform. The illusion I am entertaining is the “getting someone else to do it for me” part and that is what I am projecting. The task could also be misinterpreted and therefore the energies projected may be negatively misused or abused energies or even if I have been given no healthy task, totally made up ones (illusions). The same principles however apply in every case and the misused, abused or fanciful projected energies should be either transmuted by the ‘targets’ healthy positive out-flowing energies (as the sun would dissolve any garbage thrown at it) or lovingly sent back to the environment of the sender for him to deal with in his own time and where they can’t be projected out onto anyone else.

Well, rather than argue needlessly with the illusionary arguments of my projections, imagine if you (and everyone else I also try to palm my work onto) owned your power (i.e. your own task and responsibilities in the organisation) and every time the papers arrive on your desk, you politely and lovingly take them and place them back on my desk. By not taking on board my projections you are all actually helping me (ultimately) to be responsible for my own issues (beliefs etc) and therefore heal. You are actually doing me a service!

Despite me trying to palm off my responsibilities, every time I go back in my office, I will find the papers right there. Eventually, after experiencing a range of feelings insulting to my separative ego and laziness (denial, bargaining, anger, depression perhaps) I would finally come to acceptance, and own my responsibilities and just do the work, probably finding that in the process, carrying out the tasks suggested are actually good for me, enlightening, educational and are even fun to perform (well who knew hmm…?).

This is what we are attempting to do in our healing triangle meditation. To support our own healing first (by making sure we are actually in alignment with health and are actually owning our power), and then to overflow our healthy loving (positively qualified) energies onto other people in humanity and to the planet.

Remember, we are not responsible for anyone else’s life choices about whether to accept our health or not, once presented for consideration. We are responsible only for our own choices and also for not taking on negative projections from others. We are interested in healing imbalanced relationships, not in creating conflict with other people, governments or organisations (spiritually, psychologically and energetically at least, even if not able to physically make a difference on those unable to allow themselves to see a healthier way).

Given the illusion is not the real person underneath however, and the core of the real person underneath is HEALTHY, we are not interested in sending any negative energies we may have to this healthy person. We do not want to blame them or wish them ill in any way shape or form despite them projecting any negative energies onto us.
Nor do we want to send healthy energies to (feed or comply with) the illusion (i.e. to the negative energies and trapped thought forms) or we will only feed the illusion and keep it alive longer.  We do not want conflict with the health within anyone else. We are only interested in spreading health to overflow and draw out the health within others. If the health rises up it will flush out any negative energies resisting the expansion of health; i.e. the negative restrictions re-act (in conflict with health) which is a sign that they are coming up – so we just let them come up and express until they transmute and clear.
What we will be doing is sending healthy energies from the health in us to the health in others and, drawing the health out from within others (open to healing) will then help to dissolve the negative projections both from inside out (from the health within them out) and outside in (from the health in us to them). This will become more clear when we practically perform the healing exercise.

Because the illusionary projections of the separative ego are unreal however (and have no life but what we personally give them), we can dissolve these illusions interfering with the perception of pure health and at the very minimum, clear the energies between ourselves and others which helps ourselves and others to see more clearly the relationship between our healthy real selves and the illusionary projections. Negative projections have no right whatsoever in impeding our own life path.

Any recipients of these healing energies then have a choice to make themselves: a) to allow themselves to receive healthy loving energies and allow healing or b) not allow it (in which case you may feel them not respond from their end). This is entirely their choice.

We however, at the very minimum, will heal ourselves and be better able to own our power (by learning how to consciously not take on board negative projections from within ourselves or others) and clear the channels of communication in between (of clouds of confusion and negative energies), thereby allowing others to better own their own power and respond, when they do allow so, positively. The negative projections, like the papers on the desk mentioned in our story, are then lovingly placed back in the environment of the person/organisations projecting them, patiently awaiting the time for them to realise and own their responsibility and thus, deal with them. Time really does heal all wounds in this respect because a eventually a person living in a negative environment and unable to project will get sick of their own negative state and want to entertain a healthier viewpoint.

On our side, because we are not allowing any negative projections to “leave the office of the projector” so to speak, this will happen a lot quicker than if we were to take on board any negative projections (because by accepting them, we would have allowed them to get away with their agenda’s a little longer).

I hope all of the above makes some sense and gives you a little taste for what we are going to explore in our meditation. I felt it necessary to try to explain the healing process because it’s a vitally important principle to understand that we only send health to health, not disease. We send health through disease (to transmute it back into health), but not to it (which just feeds it and keeps it alive a little longer). This avoids conflict yet allows conflict (i.e. the illusion) to come up to be acknowledged in order to clear (because it is essentially out of alignment with health). Once people are clearly cognisant of what is healthy and what is diseased, no one in their right mind would choose to entertain disease. The unconscious argue and impose beliefs whereas the conscious present options for consideration and make healthy informed choices.

Thus, we will hold a healing (win-win for all) intention in our meditation (like steering a ship through a storm) until all channels-relationships are clear (healthy) and we feel collectively at peace once again. This will be the clue that we have finished the meditation.

Any other sensation, thought, memory or feeling that comes up which does not feel healthy (e.g. anxiety, anger, sadness, fear, depression, fiery resistance, etc) indicates to us a clue that something (i.e. the feeling experienced) is coming up and that we need to hold the positive loving connection a little longer (i.e. until we are out the other side of the storm). This can also be likened to holding the hose of healthy energy steady (with our will-intent) at the muck on the windscreen until the muck clears and all is clear. We therefore feel ‘through’ these negatively attached experiences (without feeding them) and do not try to run away, ignore, avoid or project them back out on to others.

With this in mind, I look forward to seeing you all for our self and world healing triangle meditation.

Best wishes, Paul Turner.

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