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By Christine Huggins (Healing with Feeling) ©

Surrender is not about giving in or giving up. It is that deep knowing within, that you know if you follow your instincts you will be lead to something far greater than where you are now.

The problem is that nearly everyone wants to be able to see how the workings of their desires are going to take place. With each and every instinct, feeling, or idea there are always choices, to do it or not to do it, how should I proceed and who do I connect with in the process. Then as each step is taken there is always a choice and it is in these choices that the path to our destiny and desires lay.

It does not matter which road is taken for in every choice you are surrendering to what you hope will be the desired outcome. Thinking that you can control every aspect of what is going to happen is foolhardy and you are limiting the options that will be put before you.

When it is said that it matters not which road is taken as long as it is the one that feels right for you then it is the right road. If the choice is made on the basis I should because of this person or that person, or the swaying of appearances, then the road you put yourself on is taking you away from your true destiny. However, circumstances will always occur to try and bring you back to your true path, for this is what life is about fulfilling your true destiny. Even if you are off the path, events and circumstances will always occur that will give you the opportunity to step back on to the right path.

Sometimes you have to learn through pain because you never fully listen to your inner self. You are too busy listening to the outer chatter of the ego or others. When you are not listening to your true self you may find short bursts of happiness and contentment but in the end it fades and the dissatisfaction and disappointments reappear. You must again re-examine what to do and how to go about it. Until the cycle is broken the cycle will keep occurring, all be it in different forms and circumstances, but it is guaranteed it will keep occurring.

So you see surrender is not giving in or giving up it is purely letting go of the ego that we think will sustain us and bring us to glory.

The ego is never satisfied, it is always searching for something to keep it interested and on a high. It would not matter what you did, the ego will always be chopping and changing to find something it thinks is better.

Unless you are able to tame the ego you will always be at its mercy, it will be governing your life instead of you governing it!

The ego does have a place in our existence. It helps us understand and relate to others. It drives us to be more than we can be or think we can be. However, once the ego is let loose and is left untamed it can cause havoc in our lives, it can drive us to do and be things we really don’t want to do and be and it can make us become competitive in the wrong arenas in life.

When this happens we get steered further and further away from our true selves and we then find ourselves always struggling and trying to get where we think we should be.

The end result of this struggle is disease, rebellion, mental illness and a myriad of other physical and social issues. You have term ‘Mid Life Crisis’. This is the true self knocking on the door of the heart and mind saying what about me, it’s my time, you have spent enough in illusion and now it is time to become who you really desire to be. If, at this point, you are ready to examine the inner world within yourself it can be a truly remarkable time and very liberating. However, if you ignore the inner calling and let the ego run free it can be a horrendous time and extremely painful.

Stop, meditate and find those quite moments where you can hear your true self giving you the tips and hints of what is right for you, for it is in the quiet moments that your true self and path is revealed to you.

Surrender to these moments, enjoy them trust them and let them be your guide and the world will open up to you in ways you never imagined!

Love and Light,



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