Taking Responsibility for our Health (During a Crisis)


I would like to share a quote from “Esoteric Healing” by Alice A Bailey, Lucis Publishing company, pg 259-260. 1953. which has some relevance to us now (and is linked to karma and self-responsibility):

“Liberty, in the minds of many, is freedom from the imposition of any man’s rule, freedom to do as one wishes, to think as one determines and to live as one chooses. This is as it should be, provided that one’s wishes, choices, thoughts and desires are free from selfishness and are dedicated to the good of the whole. This is as yet, very seldom so.” (1, pp 259-260)

The key to true freedom therefore is ‘UNSELFISH’ thoughts, feelings and actions and this (from a karmic angle) is what leads ultimately to a healthy and more fulfilling life. Health is not therefore dependent on mere physical fitness (which is why people who appear to be physically healthy may still suffer dis-ease). It goes much deeper than this and is the result of alignment of our whole beings with healthy inner and outer life motives.

She also goes on to add liberty is also freedom from the past (our past) and it is in the past and present that we set up the patterns resulting in our current and future life situations. They key to true freedom therefore lies in doing what is right for the good of the whole; where we are in tune with our inner healthy selves and act unselfishly to look after one another (win-win motives). This alignment and behaviour will result in increasingly healthy minds, emotions, energies and bodies. However, if living healthily in the present does not result immediately in us being healthy in the present, our present life circumstances and health logically therefore are the natural consequences of our past motives, thoughts and actions (i.e. perhaps more selfishly oriented ones, consciously or more likely unconsciously indulged in from not being aware and educated from an early age about what true health really is).

What this means is simply this (as i have said many times previously), that if we are not in alignment with this inner health (in mind, emotions, energies and body) then it will eventually manifest as outer dis-ease of some sort. This is true both individually and collectively in the whole of humanity.


Dis-ease, in all of us (from this perspective in the present moment), is simply the outer symptomatic effects of inner predisposing patterns of conflict, resulting themselves from us not being aligned with inner unselfish healthy motives in the past. We should therefore always look at any suffering we have in the present as a sign for us to go within, reconnect with healthy motives (i.e. out healthy blueprints) and realign our minds, emotions, energies and body with ‘HEALTH’.

So….Think about this in relation to humanity as a whole and as to why we are currently in a health crisis? What have we done (individually and collectively) to ourselves create this crisis? What is this crisis trying to do? It is simply here to WAKE US UP!; to get us to re-connect with healthier life motives and impulses and set them on a healthier more balanced alignment, so we can collectively move forward to greater heath and well-being in society.

This does not mean going back to materialistic living (living a life driven by money over motive to look after one another [refer to article 2 a) on motives below]); to subjecting ourselves without due thought to selfish control systems and ways of living which are completely out of sync with health and nature. Fear, control, manipulative agendas, restricting our freedom to ‘BE’, and simply trying to prevent exposure to dis-ease with no self-responsibility regarding the reasons for it in the first place will not ultimately work. Why? because it completely focuses on outer effects and not inner predisposing causes. Please keep this in mind.

The present strife does not necessarily mean things are actually getting worse however. It means to some degree that the things interfering with health are getting exposed (and the censoring of healthy information is literally making this ever more clear). As soon as we start entertaining healthy thoughts (truth) and aligning our selves with healthier motives, all the crap that has been getting in the way starts coming up.

The fear, control, manipulation etc (and those imposing it behind the scenes) IS THE STUFF THAT IS IN THE WAY AND THE MORE WE GET DISTRACTED BY IT THE MORE WE FORGET TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR PART IN ITS EXPRESSION, OWN OUR OWN POWER, AND DO OUR BIT TO CLEAR IT (by getting our motives clear and build in greater health). Past imbalance or predisposing patterns of dysfunction (which we could may well express as – dare i say it – ‘co-morbidities’ and why are these things there I wonder? hmm…) have to be cleared to bring in greater health. It is a sign that we need to clear our issues.

We either add more dis-ease until we are literally over burdened by it (and die) or we start educating people to learn how to clear the crap we have already accumulated and get increasingly healthier. This is why getting healthy is not always an easy thing to do as striving for perfection brings all imperfections to the surface to clear. This may be hard work but we have to put the effort in to try and to also put to effort into understanding ourselves and what we can do to improve our inner and outer health. We need to empower ourselves and clear the fear if we are going to get anywhere.

So… here is the point. All the crap has to come out for us as humanity to recognise and clear. We can always affect our present by making sure our motives are healthy (for all) and in service to the whole (i.e. result in win-win situations for all) but even if we do all the right things now, we can still have the manifestation of disease. Why? because of the past. This is important to realise because, it helps us to work through difficulties to bring in ultimately better health. So keep striving for better health and living. Work through what comes up and don’t give up until health and well-being is MANIFEST for all.

GO ‘IN AND UP’ AND UP TO A HIGHER PLACE WITHIN and not ‘down and out’ into more depression and fear.

This is my message to help resolve the current crisis.

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