The Psychology of what happens when Dis-ease Meets Health


The following story discusses what happens when someone who ‘owns their inner health’ comes into contact with someone else who is ‘attached to dis-ease or illusion’ in some form or other.   Our inner conflicts can often be reflected back at us in the external world and so one clue about what we are projecting out there into the world (or onto others) is by observing what is coming back at us in our own lives.   Inner conflicts will eventually manifest as outer ones, if left unresolved.  However, even when we are inwardly balanced and overflowing with health, because we have no control over other people reactions or responses, when and if we still encounter outer conflicts (e.g. when coming from other people in conflict with their inner selves) we will see these conflicts for what they are and thus, we will not buy into them and RE-ACT destructively or inappropriately.   Instead – coming from inner health, we will always RESPOND positively with appropriate (whether firm, neutral or gentle) action, even in the worst situations constructively and in a way which is considerate and supportive of everyone’s inner and (ultimately) outer healthy interests.

An inner predisposition plus an outer exposure is one key to us developing some illness or disease of some kind.   One on its own is not enough.   Both are needed and if there is a ‘vibratory match’ then circumstances are ripe for the development of some dis-ease or even any life challenge from which we can learn something (for through these experiences we can learn what is either good for us or what is not).  Dis-ease therefore is a call to take responsible (response-ABLE) action and not RE-ACTIVE action.  Its presence suggests to us that we need to look within and pay attention to the differences in relationships between what is already healthy within and around us and what is not.   It tells us that something is not right and instead of just trying to:

  1. avoid the dis-ease (or its trigger);
  2. manage it, with purely first aid symptomatic care with no inquiry, interest of developing awareness of its inner cause (e.g. placing a bandage over it and treating the symptoms only, as we often tend to do in modern society);
  3. hope it will go away without taking any responsibility for it;
  4. project the cause or blame onto others (when it is not actually the case);

we need to take a good look at what is happening within our own multidimensional self to see just what is ‘ACTUALLY’ going on.

Only in this way will we start to become conscious of what ‘IS’ in fact healthy and good for us and what is not.   I will remind you here that this process of ‘looking within’ and observing what is actually present, is not mere hopeful speculation and wishful thinking.  It is a sound scientific process based upon true investigation and experience.   This is a process which the yogis and sages of all time periods have been teaching and reminding us for untold ages.  It is based on inner ‘intuitive feeling’ and ‘knowing’, which you can only experience by asking the question and having a look within in the first place, and not by following blindly any outer doctrine or belief no matter how reasonable it sounds from certain angles.   ‘Test – try – see for ourselves’ is the saying that applies here.  Only by tuning in, within, and observing the relationship between our inner self (and all of its inter-related components) as well as the relationship between the INNER and OUTER (including others and the environment) can we truly research in our own beings what is truth and what is not.

Is this not the function of our own inner immune system?  To differentiate between the ‘Real self’ (the truth) and the ‘Not self’ (the illusion, error or dis-ease).

We could argue therefore, that if we have a true sense of inner self identity and are ‘in harmony’ (unity) with it (e.g. Life) and the external environment (healthy nature within and without – for they are one) then, because we are not confused about our identity (as healthy integrated beings), our immune system will likewise function in its natural role and do its job to look after us, on the physical level, whenever we are exposed to elements out of synchronicity with nature.   To be inwardly SOUND means also to be outwardly sound.  If we are inwardly sound, we will overcome and evolve ‘through’ whatever life presents to us.

If we are inwardly confused about our own identity – or SELF (and its life purpose) then it would stand to reason that our immune system, which is merely following orders, is likewise confused and therefore cannot provide a protective barrier against anything which could be considered – not self (e.g. fear, anxiety, negative beliefs, projections and manipulations – and thus infection – of others not in alignment with ideal health).


Imagine we have two people. One is named HEALTH (i.e. all aspects of his multidimensional self are in balanced relationships and are functioning ‘as one’ – ‘in UNITY’) and the other is named DIS-EASE.

Health is aware that all elements of his nature (spiritual, mental, emotional, energetic and physical) are in sync both within himself and with the external world (environment) and does not buy into the illusion of separation or negativity at all.  This is our natural state and one which we can all ‘BE’ if we could only let go of attachments to issues (illusions).    Healing therefore is simply the letting go of our illusional attachments to dis-ease (which we make real and manifest in our external lives) and simply remembering and ‘BEING’ our natural healthy selves.

Dis-ease is not in alignment with health.  His mind (beliefs, attitudes), emotions, energies and forces within the body are not a) in synchronicity with his inner spiritual (natural healthy) self, b) each other (e.g. mind with emotions), c) other components within the same level (i.e. one belief conflicting with another mentally or one part with another part physically).  In other words, this individual is both out of sync with his own NATURE and thus also with outer NATURE.  The consequence of this conflict is DIS-ease, IM-balance and DYS-function in self and in one’s relationships with others.  Yet he believes (in his ignorance of natural law) that he is right and that he is justified in living his outer life in the right way.   Naturally he is confused as to WHY his life is not as harmonious as he thinks it should be.

Now – put them in the same room with the condition that these two people are not allowed out until they resolve their differences.   What do you think might happen?

Well…Health stays, healthy, no matter what is thrown (projected) at him.  He may not even need to say a word and simply remains content.  He notices the little bit of health within the Dis-ease (because health is always there underneath, within and around) and so connects with this to try to draw it out in the same way that the sun will coax us to take out heavy coats off and bask in its warmth.

Thus, Health, like a sea of liquid light, surrounds (within and without) the Dis-ease and simply waits until Disease notices it and is ready to ALLOW itself to fill, let go of its illusions and heal (to learn a better way and come into more harmony).   If Dis-ease is initially un-responsive (i.e. too distracted by his inner conflicts to notice) then Health simply waits patiently and stays in a Joyous state of BE-ING.

Now, Dis-ease, if it does not want to change for the better will initially not like being in the same room with HEALTH.  Health makes him uncomfortable because being surrounded within, without and around by a healthier state it draws his own issues up to the surface of consciousness to be acknowledged, transmuted and released back once again into healthily expressed energies rather than trapped, abused or misused energies.

Thus, he may try one of three things, justifying these re-actions as perhaps protecting himself from harm or change whereas in reality they are defence mechanisms which prevent/protect himself from being one with his natural healthy self.  He may not want to even acknowledge an alternative perspective (being so attached to his own) and so he ‘resists’ health by re-acting to it – rather than responding to health and remembering it within his own very nature.

These three RE-ACTIVE states are to:

  • Ignore (Deny) the Health or try and run away (Escape).
  • Project his Dis-eased state and perceptions upon Health (i.e. manipulate for selfish gain).
  • Attack HEALTH (and thus get rid of his ‘apparent’ opponent).
  1. Ignoring (denying) the Health or try to run away (Escape).

Dis-ease when confronted by EASE may try to escape the environment in order to seek an environment of similar (negatively expressed) energies to himself.   Escaping to an environment of similar (negative) nature to his own, means he will feel less uncomfortable (which he will interpret wrongly as good for him).  This is because the contrast is not so obvious and he therefore doesn’t have to think about his own unpleasant energies as much and can go on maintaining his illusion of Dis-ease.   This is like a symptomatic approach to the issue.   If he can get away from the trigger (health making him aware of his own conflict) then he will temporarily feel less ‘agitated’ and thus not realise that his agitation is a result of his avoiding listening to Health.  Dis-ease loves symptomatic treatments because he can go on maintaining the illusion that everything is ok for a time (at least until the issue manifests once again as conflict).  This is really only postposing healing in time and space until a later date.

  1. Projection of Dis-ease onto HEALTH (negative manipulation or ‘apparent’ win-lose tactics)

Dis-ease may try to project his dis-eased attached and trapped perceptions upon Health in an attempt to get Health to come around to his way of thinking.   He may be quite forceful in imposing his beliefs here and get quite annoyed if his beliefs are not immediately accepted.  If he succeeds, he will have only succeeded in spreading die-ease and in manipulating events (and other people) in a way which serves to justify his erroneous agendas.  He twists the truth to get away with the illusion of maintaining his unhealthy separative perceptions, philosophies, and goals about life.  Dis-ease lowers consciousness and vitality (which is really lose-lose).  Health raises it (win-win).    Health however, being so connected and aligned on all levels with IDEAL health and Unity, will not buy into any of Dis-ease’s faulty arguments because it knows that they are all attachments to things that have no reality other than what we give personally to them.   Dis-eases arguments are UN-reasonable: not allowing of reason and truth – which if accepted would set them right immediately.   Truth simply ‘IS’ and needs no defence.   One can deny it for a time but it cannot be changed because it is eternal and real.  Negative projections (or manipulations), not being in the UNITY state, simply do not exist to Health.  Health only knows health.   If HEALTH bought into dis-ease then it would imply dis-ease is real and if it did this it would not be HEALTH.   One can envision 100% health but not 100% dis-ease or we would not be here at all, therefore dis-ease is not real but only an attachment to a belief system which has no place in Reality-Unity-Health (i.e. which separates itself out and refuses to unify).  Health therefore ‘owns his own power’ (which is everyone’s natural heritage), stays healthy and overflows (shares) health instead.

Note: this is reflecting an ideal state and goal for humanity.   When we start to become conscious of an overall guiding loving intelligence that is working towards unity, sharing and caring, we start to remember, allow and fill with more health.   As we remember this inner health, to fill with it, and express more of it, we will naturally flush out our inner illusions (attachments to un-healthy beliefs, emotions, etc).   I call this flushing out the bucket of the personality with the pure healthy energies from the life source within and around our selves.   This is how we gradually move out of the purely human phase of development to the ‘Spiritual Man’ phase of development.   Perfecting this process means that we have developed full understanding of this process and are fully in the UNITY state of consciousness.   We have achieved full self-mastery and can thus fully own our own power.

However, assuming we are not aware of ourselves as already perfect enlightened beings (i.e. our health: dis-ease ratio is somewhere in between; e.g. 60% free in health: 40% attached to disease), when we actively work towards bettering ourselves and owning our natural heritage, we may get ill for two reasons:
A) that we are putting more muck (or buying into illusions, ours or others) into our buckets.   This means we are getting more out-of-sync with health and thus lowering our Health; Dis-ease ratio or,

  1. B) that we are flushing to the surface of consciousness the past or present issues (already accumulated) and un-healthy attachments (within our personalities). Perfection will bring imperfection to the surface and thus despite outer difficulty, inwardly we are getting healthier and more balanced.

Note:  A third possibility could be that we are simply learning how to improve our self in the meeting of new challenges (and energies) like a juggler learning how to juggle an extra ball until he masters and integrates it.  Thus, we may experience ‘temporary’ struggles until we learn to master these new energies, lessons or skills.

How can we tell which of the above are occurring? How do we know we are getting healthier and not worse when challenges (new or old) come up for us to face?

This definitely cannot happen if we choose to remain in ignorance and unconsciousness.  It cannot happen if we fail to consider things from different perspectives or fail to reason at all.   The answer is actually quite simple but always requires one thing: ‘conscious awareness of our whole multidimensional self and of the relationships between this inner self, other people and the external world around us’.

If we can tune in to our inner health, through conscious awareness practices, we will build more EASE, FUNCTION and BALANCE into our beings.  We will have more inner light, harmony and UNITY.   This is something we can all feel with patience, perseverance and practice.  When we tune into the relationships between any two elements of our own nature and with the external world, we will feel them ‘as one’.  Any two elements will be on the same see-saw and both will be functioning in harmony with the universal breath of life.

  1. Attacking the Health

If Health cannot run away or project then Dis-ease may try to attack Health, to either beat him into submission or destroy the perceived (not true) threat.   Dis-ease is threatened simply because he is faced with a presence which can’t be bought at any price.  This irritates him and he takes health’s indifference to its viewpoints or dramas as a personal attack and so reacts as if offended and attacks back.  His belief systems are not believed also and he takes the view of “how dare you disagree with my faulty perceptions of the world?  Can’t you see I’m stuck in this quicksand (of my belief or attachment)? Why can’t you just jump into the quicksand with me, do it my way and/or suffer also?” (as if this is the ‘real’ reality and the reality Health sees is the actual illusion).

Health always has a wider context and can clearly see that jumping in to the quicksand will not help and so, even if he is being attacked, his response is always the same.   He is always loving and supportive.  He will simply stand there and offer a hand and wait until Dis-ease of its own accord accepts it and accepts the ‘lift’ out of its present dramas and perceptions or Health will wander off (temporarily) and  help others who are more receptive but will always come back when the call genuinely comes to help Dis-ease out of his quicksand and drop the ‘dis-‘ to become more at EASE.

Health thus remains healthy and can’t be attacked.  Negative energies always either melt away as they hit the positive emanating rays of health (as garbage will burn up when thrown at the sun) or otherwise are rebounded back to the sender to linger about in their own energy field until it is realised that they are responsible for it themselves and therefore have to resolve it and ‘heal’.  Health is unyielding against error but fully allowing in response to truth or health.

With this in mind, lets us continue our story.

Health and Dis-ease are in the same room.  Health stays healthy.  He always responds positively and for the good of all.

Dis-ease cannot get away; he cannot ignore and he cannot manipulate, distract, mask, project or attack.   He may try all of these things but none of them work because Health is bigger and, like an ocean, completely envelops him and will not go away.   Health is ‘ALL PRESENT’.

The two energies (people) – like two people in a counselling session or in mediation, are now thrown together until they can sort out their differences.

Note that in the case of a healing session where both parties in a conflict have a mixture of health and dis-ease (which is a more usual scenario), Health can move around between the two as relationships and perspectives change and the involved component parts communicate, bounce their ideas off one another, adjust misconceptions and rebalance or health can stay in one place and spread to resolve any conflicts wherever they may be but it always brings all involved components into an overall harmony by the end of the session.   The healing process is the same as described below, except it will happen in both participants (if neither buy into their own Dis-ease).

At this stage, in our story however (because we are talking idealistically), the relationship between them is in conflict but because Health (in this example) is 100% healthy, he is always in balanced relationship with the health in the Dis-ease.  Disease however is definitely not in balanced relationship with Health (both within himself and without).

Dis-ease is faced with only one thing – ‘himself’.  Health is all around and Dis-ease is not going to (initially) like this contrast of energies.   He may initially REACT to Health and not even acknowledge anything Health has to offer and share.  This is where the stages of death and dying come into play – which are really the process of letting go (i.e. the death of) of any faulty belief system (error) and accepting of a greater truth (more health).

First comes denial.  That doesn’t work because no matter how long Dis-ease waits, Health won’t go away.  As much as he tries to ignore the other person, Dis-ease knows Health is still there and so he may feel a little unsettled, irritated or even angry.  He may make the faulty interpretation that health is causing his discomfort rather than realise health is simply drawing the unsettled feeling up from within Dis-ease (it is his own system that is causing the unsettling sensation).  Thus, he may try to project the cause of this imbalance on to Health.

That doesn’t work so he goes into bargaining mode, e.g. justification, manipulation, etc.  He basically tries every trick in the book to get what he wants and satisfy his attachments whilst simultaneously avoiding the unsettling feelings/sensations which are coming up within his very own self.  This again fails and so he gets depressed and finally gets to the point where Dis-ease looks up from within his own little world and notices Health is actually HEALTHY, happy and content.   He starts to get out of his ‘limited’ perspective and see things from another point of view (acceptance).  He then realises that HEALTH is actually looking out for his well-being.  “I have ignored you, yelled at you etc and you are still happy! – How do you do it?  You are not as bad as I first thought,” he says.

How does he know this?   He knows this because he has come out of pure (limited) THINKING (or imbalanced interpretation) and FEELS the healthy emanations of energy, from a healthy source.   Immediately he knows Health feels better than he does.    “I want some of that!” he says.

This ultimately has nothing to do with belief.    Truth or Health simply IS.  It needs no defence and can’t be attacked (although he can dis-believe it for a time).  He simply feels it.  He feels the EASE, the BALANCE and the HEALTHY FUNCTION and well-being it brings and this provides contrast to the feelings from the state he was previously in (and was gradually allowing himself to experience, acknowledge, work through and release, e.g. denial, anger, frustration, fear, anxiety, sadness, or other attachments etc).   He sees these negative states for what they are (i.e. an illusion he has been previously attached to) and NOW – he is in a position to make a REAL INFORMED CHOICE.    He is no longer RE-ACTING and has reached a NEUTRAL POINT (a listening attentive state).  Now he is ready to at least hear Health’s point of view, whereas previously he was completely ignoring it.

With such an obvious contrast there is only one solution: to choose Health.   Anything else would be insane.  Thus Dis-ease can now feel where the edges of his dis-ease (and thus where in his body/being or even in society) are located, how much of his being is affected as well as how much is already healthy, etc and let them melt back into health.   Dis-ease has seen the edges within and without of his attachments (to dis-ease), surrounded them (with health), realised they are ‘not-him’ and is no longer attached to them.  The illusion then begins to dissolve as it is exposed (in exact proportion) to the Health (truth) within and around.   He has noticed his own dis-ease but is no longer himself buying into it.

This does not necessarily mean he is fully (100%) healed but simply that he is ready to learn a better way.  Thus, he goes from a) reaction to b) neutral and now is starting to c) RESPOND constructively to health’s influence.

The TRUE SELF RESPONDS; the False-self (not-self) re-acts (and re-enacts its dramas in ‘time and space’ until such a time as it can see through them and transcend them).   In the RESPONCE phase, he may again feel things changing and happening within his being but this time the sensations and experiences he feels are responding to health and not reacting to it.   The changes he feels are those associated with building in greater health (e.g. like learning any new skill or activity – it takes some time to get it right and thus master it).  He can feel his mind, emotions, energies and body reorganising themselves to align with his inner ideal HEALTH and life purpose.

When the whole being has built in as much health (or rather when it has let go of as much attachments as it can safely bear in any one healing session; a higher percentage of integrated health) then it comes to another balance point and d) RELEASES.   This feels like everything comes to a nice still point (or presence) within (and in relation to external environment also) and then releases, like a bubble popping and then we can feel our whole being ebbing and flowing with the breath of life.   Every cell and organ for example feels like it flows with the tide expanding from centre to periphery and then back once more to the centre.

Dis-ease is no longer dis-ease and because he is now in synchronicity with health (i.e. is in balanced relationship or ONE) he has dropped the ‘DIS’ and his relationship is now EASE-EASE.  He has become HEALTH (or at least has lifted his health: dis-ease ratio to a better level).  A win-win state for all.

Now off he goes allowing the changes within to work their way through his whole being and he is ready to build in even more understanding of health (and let go of even more resistances – i.e. the next issue he needs to be aware of or challenge that life is reflecting back at him to acknowledge – comes up).

This then repeats itself through as we get more and more in sync with health and achieve ‘self-mastery’ as referred to earlier.   However, there is always more to learn.  We can then move on and up to whatever comes next in the adventure of life.   But this is another story!


The above interaction between health and dis-ease describes the human story.  We all take part in this adventure, or drama, of life – depending on how in or out of sync we are with LIFE within.   If we were in complete synchronicity with the energies and forces of life then we would not need healing as we would not be dis-eased.    We only need healing if we are ‘out of sync’ with our own ‘SELF’.  The more out of sync we become (i.e. the longer we hold on to Re-actions and dis-ease and accumulate them in time and space) the more dis-eased we become and the more we suffer.   This is a universal law which is really the law of cause and effect or Karma.  In other words, it’s the law of self-RESPONSIBILITY!

Dis-ease from this perspective is not a bad thing and not something we should expect to just get rid of without trying to understand its message.   It is a useful tool in waking us up to a more of the bigger picture.   Cause and effect simply reflect back at us energies that we need to be aware of about ourselves in order to take ownership and assume RESPONSIBILITY for our own life and actions and to make sure they are in HARMONY with the WHOLE.   It is a tool which we can use that forces us to deepen our perspective and achieve better self-mastery.  Healthy ACTIONS and INTERACTIONS brings to us healthier responses from life.  It’s that simple.

UNITY means balanced relationships between all components of the self, within the self, with others and Nature.  It means very simply that when we look after one another and do what is right for the whole, then nature looks after us and we can live a full and creative life – in synchronicity with others and in relationship with the whole.

So – now comes the interesting part.  How can we apply this awareness in our everyday lives? Consider the concepts discussed above in relation to our own lives and also in relation to events happening in the world at this moment.  This should bring some insight into why these events are playing out in the first place.   Remember Dis-ease (or Dys-harmony) is a call to look within (either individually and/or collectively as a society) to come back to greater state of EASE and HARMONY.   The ultimate GOAL is greater awareness of what health actually means and how-to live-in harmony with it.  What happens in the individual is also reflected in society and in humanity in general.  Are not the present world conflicts just nature’s way of informing us to take a good look within at how we are living our lives (to investigate our motives) and to perhaps live a more harmonious one?

Humanity has collectively become very materialistic in its focus.  Its attention is mostly external on acquiring things in the physical external world (a purely horizontal focus) to the point where people are losing ‘touch’ with their inner selves (the inner vertical element comparatively) and with a HEALTHY motive and reality.   This is why there is so much distress, dis-ease, manipulation, control, fear and conflict.  Life in the material world emphasises effects and is overfocused on curing symptoms so that it can maintain its current state of emersion in ‘illusion’ and is not directed (generally and consciously speaking) towards taking responsibility for, and healing, true inner causes.  The causes beneath the effects need to be addressed both individually within ourselves and then collectively as a society and the planet in order to make the world a more enjoyable place in which we can all live harmoniously.

We need to make sure our motives are win-win and that we are looking out for one another.

As a final point: the above story also summarises the experiences and stages that happen, behind the scenes, within any healing situation.

We first survey the whole scene and start with an assessment and observation/experience of the whole person (being or situation as the case may reflect).  We have to have a context of the whole picture in order to understand the true nature of any relationship imbalances we observe between any of its component parts (and not miss any parts which are trying to hide in the shadows undetected to carry out their nefarious plans).   It really is this understanding of ‘truth of things as they actually are’ that sets us free.   We therefore start with an overview of the whole to find what is Healthy and in harmony (co-ordinates of health) and what is not (co-ordinates of disease).   We create a relationship between the greatest area of health and the greatest area of conflict (representing Health and Dis-ease respectfully).   Conflict always represents the conflict Dis-ease has with Health because Health is always healthy.    This concept holds true whether the conflict is between two parts or two levels within our own self, two people, families, nations, countries, planets and so on.   The same phenomenon will occur if we mindfully and holistically observe the interactions carefully.     When Health and Dis-ease are placed in the same room (environment) – an AWARENESS of ‘one another’ and their interaction is created.  Dis-ease, even if it doesn’t want to, can’t avoid its responsibility any longer and has to start noticing the ‘PRESENCE’ of HEALTH.

Once the right environment for resolution is created, the steps of healing are as follows:

  1. Health always RESPONDS constructively (i.e. it unifies and improves the lives of all involved parties).
  2. Disease REACTS destructively (i.e. separates and tries every trick in the book to maintain this illusion of separation, and thus the conflict). He (or she) Re-acts to health, repels it and refuses to even give health a hearing, preferring instead to sow seeds of confusion; to avoid, deflect, omit, manipulate and/or otherwise bully Health into accepting that its separative illusions are real (and if it manages to do so it succeeds in siphoning energy – at the expense of free will – from Health in order to feed its bad habits).
  3. A NEUTRAL point is achieved. Dis-ease eventually (because Health does not buy into its dramas, manipulations, excuses and dialogue) runs out of energy (which was previously acquired externally through trying to usurp energy by draining others of their own power and energy for its personal use).  This means that if we, as people – ARE INFORMED (can see the larger context) and are one with Health, we will not allow ourselves to be manipulated or dragged into Dis-ease’s dramas anymore.  We will therefore not feed (believe) the dis-ease.  Dis-ease, reliant on his own power (shut off as it is from health) – eventually depletes himself and is DE-POWERED (or De-throned) and thus after running though any or all of the stages of death and dying, fades away.  He runs out of personal stored and misused energy and stops re-acting.   The person (or nation etc) with the Dis-eased attachment, achieves for the first time a NEUTRAL state.  One which starts to actually acknowledge and listen to HEALTH (which is quietly PRESENT and waiting patiently for dis-ease to come out of its illusionary self-absorption and notice that there is a healthier way).    Thus, the person with the issue stops re-acting and starts Listening.   He FEELS the presence of a greater Health and is OPEN and willing to as least test Health’s hypothesis of life.
  4. He then starts to RESPOND to Health. This is a stage of building in of a new and healthier pattern of healthy living.   This is like learning any new skill or absorbing any new knowledge.  We feel our inner energies and forces re-organising themselves and working out how to fully manifest this newly realised health – until we ‘GET IT’.
  5. Once this process has worked itself out and has finally succeeded in building in the new energy pattern, it RELEASES. We can feel this has done so because our whole BEING will ebb and flow in synchronicity with the breath of life.  Every cell is as one flowing from the centre to the periphery and back again – Life source to Matter (its expression) and back to its Life source.   Our whole being is once again in balance in the ‘ETERNAL NOW’.  From here our task is to remain in this balanced state and let life unfold naturally.  If we can manage to stay and operate from this balanced state, our lives will continue to flow synchronicity and expand in ever more creative ways.

Remember, we are learning gradually how to do this over our whole lifetime.  Thus, this process may not fully happen in just one session.  It may take some time to be fully mastered because there are many relationships in our lives with which we have to become familiar and balanced with.  It thus may need to be repeated itself many times, either within a healing session (until as much of what is possible and safe can happen in the now and we get a final release) or perhaps over many days, weeks, months, years or even lifetimes until we master ourselves and our own life energies in action in the outer world.   We become increasingly ‘HEALTHY’ and develop deeper levels of understanding on how life works.   Every time, therefore, we complete a successful healing or meditation we will come back to this point of oneness and balanced function (between life source and its manifestation) until we stay here as a natural state of being.   True healing is thus not a symptomatic thing.  It is re-acquiring our Natural ‘state of BE-ING’.  If we could feel this natural state, even once in full waking consciousness, then we would naturally want to build it in and stay in it forever.   We realise we are a creator of our own realities and can from here continue on to greater and greater expansions of conscious co-creation.

Test this concept of understanding the psychology of Health and Disease in your own lives.  Test it, try it, observe it and see for yourselves whether or not the above discussion makes sense or not.

So – what are you going to practice in your lives: building in (feeding and sharing) Health – or feeding and building in more separation, fear and Dis-ease?  It is your CHOICE!

Enjoy. P.T.