OSTEOPATHY: What Is Osteopathy?


Treatment involves a sound understanding of principles 1 – 3 above. From the above discussion you can see that Osteopathy defined more as a particular way a looking at health and disease rather than by any particular treatment technique. The guiding philosophy is common to all Osteopaths and allows the Osteopath to assess and treat the patient individually by taking into account each individual’s unique pattern of dysfunction.

The treatment techniques themselves, however, will vary depending on the interests, style and personal viewpoint of any particular Osteopath as well as the need of the tissues. These include a wide range of techniques such as: soft tissue massage, manipulation, articulation, lymphatic drainage, muscle energy technique, facial unwinding, functional technique, strain-counterstrain, cranio-sacral therapy, bio-energetic osteopathy, visceral techniques, stretching, self awareness and rehabilitation advice and other complimentary approaches.

Bio-Dynamic/Energetic Osteopathy

Biodynamic Osteopathy is a gentle therapy where the practitioner places his/her hands on your body and adds to his/her traditional postural assessment an assessment of the whole being using the inner life rhythms as a diagnostic tool. This enables the practitioner to assess the inner health and function of all organs and tissues of the body and also to gain an understanding of how other levels of being (energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual) are influencing the health and well-being of the individual assessed.

Outer postural assessment methods should still be used but assessing the inner life rhythms and energies enhances a practitioner’s awareness of the causes and contributing factors behind the outer symptomatic effects. This then allows the potential for the practitioner to treat on a much deeper level to enhance a patient’s overall health and well-being.

To treat, the practitioner supports the patient’s inner self healing mechanisms by working with inner life rhythms, energies and forces to help bring the whole being of the patient back into balance. Being more in balance, stress/load is taken off the symptomatic areas allowing them to heal more effectively and efficiently.

Together with traditional methods of treatment such as manipulation, articulation and soft tissue therapy (which can still be used where appropriate), biodynamic Osteopathy may help to enhance long term health in patients with a wide variety of health issues.

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