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An Introduction to Multidimensional Healing – 1 Day Self-Healing Workshop

This workshop offers an introduction to those considering the full 6 day workshop as well as anyone who wants to learn about the different elements of self; to develop self-awareness and how to self-heal.  Suitable for practitioners and the general public.

Lesson Plan – An Introduction to Multidimensional Healing – 1 Day Workshop

Session 1:  Principles of healing – The secrets to resolving (chronic and complicated) health issues


  • A Holistic Multidimensional Model
  • Two important relationships to consider (what else — symptomatic tissues -– symptoms)
  • What is the whole person (components and their inter-relationships)
  • Levels of complication (of health issues – simple, complicated, chronic)
  • How to find and recognise “what else” – the primary issues/problems needing resolution
  • Finding Health and Dis-ease (locating co-ordinates of health and of dis-ease).
  • How to tell if you are improving (despite symptoms). What healing really means?
  • The Practitioner and patient’s responsibly in healing
  • Visualisation as a tool to self-heal (how to use the mind and senses)
  • Practical exercise (centring)

Session 2: The Energy Centres


  • The major centres of energy within our beings
  • Links to states of consciousness, psychological qualities and physical effects
  • Practical exercise (healing the centres – vortex exercise)

Session 3:  Dimensions


  • Levels of being and how we unfold and develop these levels of consciousness
  • Energies versus forces
  • Practical exercise – Mountain pool exercise

Session 4: Healing through Time


  • Time elements in healing (Past-Present-Future)
  • How to recognise, link past trauma patterns to the presenting issues and then release past traumas
  • Practical exercise – Healing through time (ice berg and/or timeline exercise)


DATES & TIMES: Sunday 29th JULY, 2018  9:00 am – 5:30 pm (a.m & p.m tea provided).

COST: $110.00

VENUE: 47 Silverton Drive, Ferntree Gully, Victoria 3156

CONTACT: 0417 110 755

Numbers are limited to 12 so Book a ticket now or Contact Paul (email or phone) to book a place.  If you have any questions regarding workshops, please contact Paul.

NOTE: Inquiries for larger groups (if you have an alternate venue) or alternate dates welcome.


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