Feeding the Health

Hey there.  I thought I would add some thoughts on “WHAT IS WELL-BEING” if that’s ok, since I deal with this topic every day in my professional work life and it’s an issue that does indeed need to be addressed in our overall schooling and professional education.

I still notice the usual accepted definition wellbeing often mentioned in current education models includes ‘mental, emotional, physical and social’ well-being which is most definitely on the way to a more complete and holistic picture and in line with the current biopsychosocial model.   BUT IS THIS ENOUGH?

I would suggest it is still incomplete and lacking some vital elements as is abundantly clear in the rising of chronic health issues (despite advances in technology) and the general worsening of individual and social health, well-being  and collectively functioning in society.  One can have individual ‘personalities’ and ‘society’ generally functioning in a collective and apparently unified (yet dysfunctional out of sync with nature sort of) way but this does not mean this is a healthy way.   Personalities and societies themselves need to be in harmony with nature and the whole system to which they belong for health to even begin to be present.

It is obvious therefore that WELL-BEING needs also to take on more than just bio-psycho-social principles.   It need also to include a ‘definition of health’ as well as a ‘purity of motive’.   Only in this way can we realise what WELL-BEING really is.

This ‘LACK OF HEALTH AND PURITY OF MOTIVE’ is becoming increasingly apparent given the current world conflict and climate as well as the presentation by many people in positions of responsibility claiming best interests of people and yet at the same time violating free will and freedom in their instructions and actions.

This seems to suggest some contradiction and confusion between what WELL-BEING actually theoretically means (i.e. what we think it means) and what it actually ‘does’ practically means at the level of human personality and social interaction – which should be logically about balanced relationships, not imbalanced ones.

For example –  the social model may be itself ‘flawed’ if run by people with apparent win-lose agendas; i.e. agendas for our apparent good, decided by some authority figure according to their own flawed minds, limited belief or definition or understanding about well-being. In other words – a definition which for them or a few selected groups means they get exactly what they want at any cost and to our (the peoples long term) detriment rather than for the good of all people, rather than win-win for all, agenda (motive).

In my professional opinion it all gets back to MOTIVE. If motive is pure and is truly ‘WIN-WIN’ for all then our definition needs something which is in alignment with these ideals.   I call this our inner ‘DIVINE, IDEAL or HEALTHY’ blueprint (which is why health also need to be discussed); in short – our inner healthy selves – in alignment with health, love, truth and any other ideal reflecting qualities or healthy principles in life.

This is of course in contrast to measuring life successes based more on quantity means, rather than Quality.

For example – the biggest QUANTITY distractions I can think of and to which many people base their successes upon, is the accumulation of material wealth, power or prestige.

A little reflection here reveals that quantity without quality is just as flawed as is looking at well-being (from a personality or social economic perspective alone) without considering purity of motive and the health of the whole system (individual, group and world).   Material gain or wealth is not necessarily a healthy ideal with which to measure our success by – unless it also including the well-being and best interests of consumers (i.e. their health and healthy functioning in society) and also purity of motive.

If motive is ‘NOT PURE’  then a little investigation (reasoning) along these lines will reveal the underlying motives (agendas) are not for the interests and well-being of all people and nature (WIN-WIN – individual, group or the collective whole to which we all belong; i.e. Nature) and is rather ‘apparent (short term) win-lose’ which is really long term ‘lose-lose’ because by the definition of health, which follows, imbalance leads to relationship conflict which leads ultimately to dis-ease, suffering and pain.

Consider our current world situation. What is the world reflecting back at us right now? The practical answer to this is Conflict!

Conflict in relationships between everything; between the elements within our own selves (between our own minds, emotions, actions and our inner healthy blueprints or inner most intuitive convictions); in our relationships (with family, friends, social or businesses associates etc); between people and their governments, corporations, and even religious organisations and beliefs.

Essentially we are in conflict between ourselves, between our personalities and our own inner healthy ideal nature and also with outer nature.  Whether we define this inner and outer nature as ‘GOD’, or simply refer to it as a ‘HEALTHY IDEAL BLUEPRINT or ideal motive’ it really all the same message.

We are individually and collectively out of sync with SOMETHING GOOD FOR US – our inner ‘ideal, health, the truth etc’.

WE have allowed ourselves to be distracted by inner and outer conflicts away from this IDEAL HEALTHY BLUEPRINT, it seems, and we need to discuss, explore, remember and build in this inner trust and awareness of these ideals back in, in order to restore health, sanity and well-being to self, society and the whole planet.

By distractions, I mean – look at what’s happening in society at the moment (on many levels) for example; The Un-natural, Un-healthy, Im-balanced and Dis-eased is being taught and focused upon now as the normal (i.e. to the point where it is acceptable and even rewarded as common and normal instead of the exception to the normal/natural) and the Natural, Healthy and Balanced instead are relegated to the realm of AB-normal and those embodying these principles may even be penalised for them standing up for healthy values.

Few question these things because going back to core truth, common sense and natural (purity of motive) life processes is not even explored.  Purity of motive and health itself is not even discussed, explored and reasoned through to their logical conclusions.

Is there really then any WELL-BEING in light of this lack of alignment with healthy ideals?

We are not taught, it seems, any more how to reason logically but instead are taught what to believe and do and are told to supress our questioning, when we ask for clarity, to explore whether there is true purity of intent and motive or not.   Is it any wonder why the world has gone mad and there is so much confusion and conflict present?

Thus, Well-Being needs something more; something that reflects true inner health (the ideal) and which gives a clue to a goal and purpose which has genuinely the highest good and well-being for all (individually, socially in group and life, and with the whole).

I would suggest it means being well in our overall BEING.

What is our Being?

It is our multidimensional selves. It includes healthy relationships within and without.  1. ‘WITHIN’ between the many and various elements of our multidimensional self (spiritually, intuitively, mentally, emotionally, energetically and physically, past, present and future).   This means that our personalities (mental, emotional and physical) are in harmony with our inner healthy blueprints (our ideal ‘spiritual’ or ‘perfect’ selves) as well as 2. WITHOUT – forming healthy WIN-WIN relationships with others socially and environmentally (with nature and the planet).

Healthy relationships within and without lead naturally to us owning our power and living a life both in sync with our inner nature, with others and outer nature also.  This is not necessarily something which people are actually doing when the biopsychosocial model only includes the ‘personality’ and ‘the social’ but not necessarily the ‘healthy blueprint’ within and with nature and the whole to which we all belong.

Being out of sync with this inner healthy blueprint results in conflict (imbalanced relationships) which will ultimately lead DIS-EASE (rather than EASE), DYS-FUNCTION (rather than function) and IM-BALANCE (rather than balance).

Dis-ease therefore, if we really think about it, is not just brought about by exposure to outer difficulties or illnesses alone.  There is an internal component present which will ultimately attract dis-ease or health accordingly from without by its very nature – regardless of steps we take externally to minimise or control risk (but this is another topic).

Disease is usually a result more often of conflict between the various elements of ourselves (within) which naturally overflows into our relationships without with others or to nature externally (the projection of our inner conflicts).

Dis-ease within our own very nature, eventually leads to manifestation of symptoms such as pain and suffering as well as conflicts in outer relationships and until we take responsivity for our own inner issues, how can we overflow health and form healthy relationships with others and the environment and expect to be happy and have well-being?

Getting what we want outwardly without purity of motive for all (apparent win-lose situations) – where we will be looked after and others are not (short term) is really ultimately lose-lose (long term) in fact, because it is really creating unnecessary social division and conflict (lack of harmony) and contributing to the collective lack of well-being.  This will ultimately bounce back to bite us.

Until we take responsibility for our own issues and responsibilities in life and begin to get back into harmony once again (balanced function) with LIFE and with healthy LIFE PROCESSES we cannot hope to re-establish healthy relationships without.  It is this simple.

How can we have well-being without this inner alignment and responsibility?

Having well-being and healing also includes the time element because it’s about also recognising, owning (taking responsibility for) and then healing our past trauma and conflicts so they we don’t re-act from the past hurts and project these reactions onto our healthy present relationships or situations.

By responding (i.e. WE..(a)LL (are)-BEING ‘response ABLE’) instead of re-(en)acting past imbalanced relationship issues (memories) so they do not interfere in our present lives, we can bring ourselves back into alignment, own our power and move forward into the future with balanced motive and intent such that everyone is looked after in a loving supporting ‘WIN-WIN’ health selfless giving world for all.

I hope this discussion helps with and understanding of what WELL-BEING means, individual and collectively.   Bet wishes, Paul Turner