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ASSESSMENT AIDS 1: General & Regional Assessment Essentials & Case Study (SHIN SPLINTS)

1. CLICK TO SEE: HANDOUT – General & Regional Assessment Essentials


2.  CASE STUDY DIAGRAMS BELOW illustrate the overlap of Key findings from General and Regional Assessment for a Patient with Shin Splints (2 PAGES SO REMEMBER TO CLICK ON PG 2 ALSO)


Findings clearly indicate the importance of a holistic assessment process in uncovering primary areas setting up the shin splints

Also indicates Assessing for Quality is more important than range & Treating predisposing patterns are more important than symptoms

Note 2: A = Asymmetry, R = Range/Quality of Motion Abnormality, T = Tissue Texture Changes

Diagram 1. Observable Texture & Symmetry findings (Orange)

Diagram 2. General Palpation findings (Green)

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