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Holistic Muscle Energy Technique Workshop – 2 Days

This workshop can be made available for groups interested in enhancing their MET skills.

Enhance your ability to allow the body to guide you as to a) the correct tissues and relationships to include when applying MET and b) the correct forces to use, the correct direction of resistance and duration of effort (time) to hold in order to get the best tissue response (as guided by the Central nervous system/tissue response and not guesswork)?

Learn how to make your MET more effective, eliminate guesswork and avoid errors and lack of understanding of what is really happening when applying MET

With a simple clock exercise principle, a sound understanding of the neurophysiologic principles behind the successful application of any technique and an awareness of how to listen to the Tissues, MET or any technique can be applied more successfully to the various regions of the body.

This workshop covers;

  • The neurological and musculoskeletal principles behind the application of M.E.T.
  • The indications/uses of M.E.T.
  • The steps required to successfully perform M.E.T.
  • How to use awareness of relationships and the clock exercise to make MET much more effective (i.e. how to listen to the feedback of the tissues)
  • Common errors in the application of M.E.T.
  • How to diagnose dysfunctions using M.E.T. principles
  • How to successfully perform M.E.T. to the lower and upper regions of the body

DAY 1 covers MET Principles, General Assessment, Diagnosis & Treatment of the Pelvis (pelvic and sacral dysfunctions), and lower extremity (Hip, thigh, knee, lower leg, ankle and foot)

DAY 2 Continues on with Diagnosis and Treatment of the Spine (Lumbar, Thoracic and Cervical) and the upper extremity (shoulder girdle, upper arm, elbow, forearm and wrist)

DATES & TIMES: This workshop will be run on demand for interested groups.  Contact Paul to show expressions of interest.

COST: $350.00

VENUE: 47 Silverton Drive, Ferntree Gully, Victoria 3156

CONTACT: 0417 110 755

Numbers are limited to 10 so Contact Paul (email or phone) to obtain a registration form and book a place.  If you have any questions regarding workshops, please contact Paul.

NOTE: Inquiries for larger groups (if you have an alternate venue) or alternate dates welcome

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