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Issues with Imposed Vaccinations as an Excuse to Justify Certain (inappropriate and perhaps enforced) Actions.


I realise this may be a very controversial topic but am writing this simply to voice some inner reasoning and thoughts I have had on the pro’s and cons of vaccinations. People are free to make decisions on this according to background information, personal belief and choice. I only wish to share some thoughts I have to make sure that the reasoning for making certain decisions are for the right reasons and not the wrong ones. i.e. it is logical and sound, considers more dimensions of the issue (e.g. including accounting for inner levels of health for example) and yet still respects the free will of others to make their own choice.

My worry is that in response to the corona virus we may at some stage be subject to enforced vaccinations all in the name of our own greater good as if this will save us from our own faulty beliefs, lifestyle or actions. Or, at the very least it will be argued they are necessary for our protection and that if we don’t chose to have them we are doing the wrong thing are thereby endangering others – which as I argue below may actually not be the case, if we are actually living a truly healthy INNER AND OUTER, life.

Note: I am not saying vaccinations are always a bad thing.  In many cases there may be a strong argument for their use.  However, I do want to make sure that we are not imposing their use on those who chose other ways to build their health – i.e. for one sided reasons (i.e. fear based ones).  Thus,  I am offering here, some food for thought.   You are entirely free to make your own minds up and do whatever you like but i feel these are important ideas to at least think about.

One issue I often come across, especially in relation to kids at school of preschool is the idea that if children are not vaccinated that is is considered a risk to others in the school or preschool setting.   Whist this seem reasonable from one angle (and i am playing devils advocate here – throwing an idea in for consideration so to speak), it may not be as accurate assumption as we may first think.   WE CAN’T for example USE VACCINATION (through fear, ignorance etc) AS A REASON TO STOP OTHER PEOPLE (not vaccinated) from being involved in schools, kindergartens, activities etc and thus isolate those, of their own free will decided against it, from society for one sided reasons.   There are arguments for and against on both sides and all we can really do is make an informed decision based upon the evidence we have before us (researched and observed through life experience).   But we can’t make an informed choice if the pro’s and cons of both sides are not considered at all.    The bigger issue For me is having the free will to choose and that is why I am taking to time to share ideas here.

Why can’t we enforce vaccinations? – aside from valid points on both sides for and against, it’s a violation of free will.  It’s also because, if we reason it through, if the so called inoculation actually worked (safely and as claimed) then there would be no risk to those inoculated to get the illness in the first place, even in contact with another person with the illness.

Thus, the only people (theoretically) at any risk are those not inoculated and that’s their own free choice based upon their own appreciation of their level of inner and outer health – and we are all responsible for our own choices, right or wrong (we just need to made sure they are informed choices and not blind ones).

However, many of those not having inoculations (I refer to those actually in tune, specifically) may have very good immune systems and live a healthy life (spiritually, psychologically, energetically and physically) and thus – being healthy, are in actual fact not likely to get the illness in the first place (i.e. and they prove their natural immunity by staying healthy or otherwise overcoming illness naturally without issue or intervention).

Thus, we can’t technically use fear as a legitimate excuse to keep the not-vaccinated from coming into contact with the vaccinated.   If this were the case, THE ONLY LOGICAL CONCLUSION THAT PEOPLE VACCINATED (who think everyone should have it) HAVE AGAINST THOSE NOT INOCULATED IS THAT DEEP DOWN THEY DON’T REALLY BELIEVE (OR TRUST) THE VACCINATION TO ACTUALLY WORK. They may be fearful that they will still actually catch the disease from other people anyway and thus ask them to stay away – just to cover their bets and allay their fears either way (Note: and they often still may suffer some illness or injury anyway if their own inner health is actually compromised for example).

BUT – further reasoning shows that If A PERSON IS ACTUALLY INWARDLY VERY HEALTHY (healthy in self and relation so others and the environment) AND HAS LITTLE CHANCE OF ALLOWING THEMSELVES TO BE ABUSED BY INVADERS OF ANY SORT (PEOPLE, BACTERIA, VIRUSES, PSYCHOLOGICAL MANIPULATION ETC), then they will ‘OWN THEIR OWN POWER (Health)’ AND ARE UNYIELDING AGAINST ERROR.  I am speaking in a idealistic way here (as a eventual goal once we master ourselves and life).   This health state is unyielding to error yet ALLOWING COMMON SENSE, more HEALTH AND TRUTH to flow. Thus – in reality, the more likely effect that the presence such people have is – WE WILL CATCH THEIR HEALTH AND NOT SHARE/spread the DISEASE.


This simply means to be a decent human being; spiritually, psychologically, energetically and physically healthy (in attitudes, thoughts and actions towards other human beings and nature – to share and look after each other. WIN-WIN situations). If we abuse these natural qualities and are manipulative, abusing resources in self, or with others (e.g. either imposing error upon others or even good people taking on the negative projections of others and believing and acting on them as true thus diminishing the expression of natural good-health within ourselves) or nature (In other words we create lose-win or win-lose actions) then we lower our energies and immunity and are thus more susceptible to DIS-EASE.

I am not saying here that if we get sick, we are not good people but what I am saying (and know from my own experiences) is that we are not always in sync within between the many levels of our being.  For example. we may be highly sensitive and very stressed which effects our nervous system and increases muscle tension, effects circulation and so forth or our mind and emotions may be in conflict; energy may be low due to ‘overdoing it’ or not eating well or not channelling it correctly etc.   The list goes on, but in every case this creates imbalanced relationships and thus conflict and conflict will then create dis-ease and this is how we create the circumstances which results in our susceptibility to any particular disease state.  Learn how to stay calm, to improve energy efficiency, to harmonise mind, body and spirit and all of these things lead to ease, balance and function (i.e. unity not conflict) and thus to improved health. This is common sense is it not?  We take this for granted every day.  I am just voicing it for consideration.

We need to remember also that health is not just a physical thing.  So… Yes, a lot of good and apparently healthy people can still be affected by a dis-ease or illness.   One can be physically healthy (or apparently so) but inwardly on other levels not necessarily be so healthy.  Likewise one can be fit but not necessarily healthy in the context of how I am describing it.  Technically health covers our whole being (spiritually, physiologically, energetically and physically, etc which includes healing old trauma’s and issues latent in our mechanisms from the past). All of these need to be in sync- aligned with our inner ‘ideal’self and purpose. So – it gets down to what the saints and wise men of the ages have been telling us for aeons – to ‘know thyself’. This is not necessarily an easy thing to do in a society where our motives have been skewed from healthy motives to ‘something else’.   This I have tried to explain in another article (The Creation of Joy, Keeping our motives pure).   Alternative Link: Same article On linked in

Dis-ease therefore can only find a hold in an already  imbalanced or compromised system.   You could say we need two factors together to be affected by a dis-ease.  1) an inner predisposition and 2) exposure to the outer element.  So, yes we need to take every measure to prevent external exposure (including hygiene practices and possibly safely tested and healthy vaccinations) but what I am trying to make more clear here is that we must also address the inner predisposition.   If we are inwardly unhealthy for example – then nothing can protect us from our own (or others) faulty belief systems, thoughts and actions and these will eventually return to haunt us (i.e. karmic seeds).  This is what I mean by being UN-yielding to error but still allowing of anything which supports health.  No vaccination, however good it actually is, will ultimately protect us from getting a DIS-EASE (or health issue) of some kind or other as long as we continue to hold onto our inner imbalances.  It may prevent a certain form or strain at best but not dis-ease altogether because imbalanced causes will always create imbalanced effects and it will only find another way to express itself; and thus bring to our consciousness the fact that we are out of sync with our own selves and nature and therefore need to do something to improve our inner and outer life.

So – to reiterate  -Dis-ease at any level (individual or global) means something somewhere is out of sync.  A vaccine may, if it safely works, help against a particular effect (type of dis-ease) but it will not make us healthy nor address true inner causes.  What I am saying here is that in addition to outer measures to prevent exposure and spread, if we learn how to be healthy inwardly, through clearing old patterns predisposing us to present issues and by establishing healthy current life processes (thinking, feeling actions etc) then we will lift our inner health to the point where we will be less susceptible to illness or at the very least – if or when we do get ill, we will overcome it naturally and may not even need a vaccine (Ultimately – even if for now it may be necessary in many cases for many people).   Yes, apparently physically healthy people are getting ill but if we could look deeper within I suspect there would be many other reasons for being effected in more severe ways (i.e at some level there is something needing attention).  Otherwise, why are some effected more so than others and others are not affected at all (despite exposure).  There is a deeper significance here to consider.  I treat people every day with health issues and tune in deeper than the physical and so I am not making blind comments here. It’s an observation and I have also seen people recover far quicker once the ‘whole being is back in balance’.  This is my evidence and it does help.   Being balanced improves healing potential.  Make of this statement what you will.

The bottom line is, given the whole issue is a very controversial one, that if the option of a vaccine does emerge, it needs to be a choice and not rigidly imposed – i.e. not enforcing people go go against their free will should they chose not to have it.

NOTE: The whole theme of this discussion follows a similar thread to the relationship between holistic medicine and symptomatic medicine (which i have discussed in other articles and in my own research).  One investigates underlying predisposing patterns of relationship setting the stage for dis-ease and the other looks mostly at effects and the immediate management of them.   This is the situation here.  We are so worried about the dis-ease and its effects on our own health and on society economically that there is a real danger that the whole reason for the issue in the first place may be overlooked.   For example – we may get so focused on effects that we don’t think to even question potential underlying causes (spiritually, psychologically, economically, politically etc) and thus make healthy adjustments to these factors also.   We should therefore consider both cause and effect and ask ourselves “Why is this whole situation occurring in the first place…I wonder”?  What circumstances have arisen to set the stage for the emergence of this dis-ease?

I would suggest this is the more important question and if we could answer this we might make more headway to improved and longer lasting health.  This links us with another article I wrote to help getting us thinking a little more positive:  Nature Re-balancing and self-healing meditation to help counterbalance fear of the corona-virus.  Alternative link: Same article on Linked in.

My experience is therefore to “Feed the flower of health and starve the weed (fear, ignorance, despair etc) of disease” and we will build our health to the point where this health becomes the safest inoculation against error in whatever form it may take (ignorance, stupidity, manipulation, abuse, etc, by self or any other organism (microscopic, human or other) wishing to do us harm.

Food for thought, Hmmm….

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